Are the Nets too much for Miami?

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Are the Nets too much for Miami?

Brooklyn's inside presence is off the charts with KG and Lopez and life will be very tough for Lebron going up against Pierce AND Kirilenko. Then you have Deron Williams who can hang with any PG in the league going up against Mario Chalmers. I think Bosh will have a tough time against Lopez because hes so much smaller. And you cant forget about Terry, a pure scorer, coming off the bench.The only wash is the SG position with Wade and Joe Johnson. Miami's edge goes to the coaching with Spo over Kidd but I feel that KG and Pierce are still very talented despite their age and they can co-exist with other stars very easily. Afterall, they did win a championship together in boston during their first year together.

DWill, JJ, Truth, BigTicket, Lopez, AK47, Jet >>> Flash, KingJames, Raptor, RayRay

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