Archie Goodwin at 15

Big jump.

Goodwin has taken over games and looked like the best player in UK...

17p at halftime in the White vs. Blue...

14p at halftime vs Northwood...


I quote: ProvidenceFriars1 "best PG in UK"... true

FastandFurios "he has some things you can teach"... very true

some people are super athletic and have super good handles but don't have shiftiness... goodwinn is Insanely shifty and might have the best change of direction when attacking the basket with a 2-step on a fast break, all as FR. ...he analyses the game before attacking. excellent court vision and excellent array of acrobatic moves to put the pull in the hoop depending on defenses... Very high IQ and motor guy.

The way he's been playing reminds me of none other than D. Wade

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"FastandFurios "he has some

"FastandFurios "he has some things you *CAN'T* teach"... very true"

and i mean that.... the way he reads defenses when attacking the basket is beyond his athleticism.

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Im thiking Archie will be top

Im thiking Archie will be top 5-8 by the end of the year. He is too skilled and has Westbrook/Harden/Tyreke ability

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he might bee betta den shabazz 1cence.he starts hittin outside

Dude iz that gud

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Of course he made a big leap.

Of course he made a big leap. Him being left off the board all together was a big oversight. I'd say he's the first SG off the board in this draft (I consider 'Bazz a SF), but I don't see a lot of the things from Goodwin that are described in the OP.

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