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She is damn good! I love those basketball arcade games, and have always wanted to get one, become kick @ss and all, but I do not think I will ever be as good as her. You need a totally different form for these games than you have in real life, and I guess her height probably also plays into it. Nonetheless, check the link.

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One time I hopped on top of the game and i told my broher to keep throwing me alley oops and I'll dunk em' in, there were going in at such a fast rate that the machine froze... Pretty damn funny.

People were looking at me like I was crazy, I just thoght it was hilarious.

I probably got ten times the score she got. But I could never do what she did.

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Lol second comment racist yet

Lol second comment racist yet sadly funny

"All those gooks can do is play video games. If
you look, the score next to hers, was just as they can all do's the best
they can's not like they are tall
enough to play real basketball. "

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Why is ebaums like the most racist site ever when it comes to peoples comments? They are sometimes laugh out loud funny at their ignorance and ridiculousness, but man, those guys make annoying posters here look like saints.

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i could just imagine some

i could just imagine some little girl coming up to me at the arcade and challenging me to a game of pop a shot for like 2 bucks and then she does that, lol. I would just hand her the cash and walk away without even going. I actually used to have one of those in my backyard. I spent many hours on that thing.

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Additionally, 12 teams have a

Additionally, 12 teams have a portion of their Mid-Level Exception (MLE) to spend. None have the full $5 million remaining, but teams like the Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks both have over $4.2 million left.

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Lol second comment racist yet

Lol second comment racist yet sadly funny

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“He’s just a coach’s dream,”

“He’s just a coach’s dream,” says Williams. “He handles the situations with wisdom that’s beyond his years. He listens, he’s humble, and yet he still has an edge. I saw him get on a few guys a couple games ago, and it kind of took me back. And he has some ways to go as far as allowing his body to mature. His game is going to develop as he explores. He’s going to be pretty special if he continues to work and allow himself to be coached the way he has so far. He’s just an amazing kid.”

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