Aran: did you really compare James Ennis to... Jonas Jerebko?

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Aran: did you really compare James Ennis to... Jonas Jerebko?

I click on Ennis's profile, and lord help me - but James Ennis was compared to Jonas Jerebko, the 2 couldn't be any less alike if they tried. Unbelievably mind-boggling comparison...He's closer to a James White / Wesley Johnson combination

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Taylor-There might be a

Taylor-There might be a better comparison for Ennis than Jerebko. But IMO the two you suggested are not better... Instead of just bashing the comparison, you did suggest 2 comparisons which is good, but you didn't give an example of why Jerebko is a bad comparison or why Johnson/White are better..... Jerebko is a versatile, team guy. Unselfish. Gets rebounds and slashes and hits 3s on occasion. Maybe not a great passer, but very unselfish. Not a great defender but who knows, over time could develop.

Aside from the two guys you mention being closer in height, dimensions, how are they closer in style to Ennis? Both are more scorers and athletes than all around role players... Is there a strict rule that you have to be the exact height as another player to make it their comparison? Ennis plays bigger than his 6'7 height.

White has always been too skinny to make an impact. He was a one dimensional dunker. Not a good passer or ball handler. His overly skinny body makes him a bad comparison. It took him over half his career to put on the necessary strength to compete at the NBA level. He's also more of a 2 than a 3. Ennis is 20-25 lbs bigger than White at 22 years of age. White has played 67 career games averaging 2.7 ppg. That's a very pessimistic projection in terms of production. I have bigger hope for Ennis.

Wes Johnson lacks the all around versatility that Ennis posseses. he is not a good rebounder or passer and his handles have always been average at best. He was a standout #1 option playing in a college system that fooled scouts into thinking he had a more diverse skill set. His defense is horrendous.

Ennis is a big 6'7 with a near 7-foot wingspan. He has a chance to be a rotational player and figures to be able to transition from Long Beach State's first option into a versatile role player.

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