Aquille Carr

He's playing in his first d league game with the Delaware 87ers.... the first thing you notice is his speed he was just blowing by people on the fast break and he hit one of his signature hoopmixtape layups through 2 people. He has 8 pts and a few assists in the first quarter. He even hit a 3 ball also. He looks good so far in his debut

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I Wish

I wish i lived in delaware. They have the most entertaining d league team with the greek freaks bro and aquille.

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Buy a Corporation. They'll

Buy a Corporation. They'll probably invite you over there.

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is just jacking up shots, and bad ones at that. 3-10, 11pts, 1 asst, 2 tos. He still has all the same weaknesses as before. Really poor D, bad shot selection combined with a poor stroke, and out of control. Still, can't argue with his speed and fearless style. Interesting to see how, and even if, his progress goes this year.

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He is very entertaining and

He is very entertaining and is a good player in his own right but I don't think any NBA team will sign him to a year long deal. I think he should use the Dleague as a place to increase his stock and resume and go overseas and ink a six figure deal.

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