anyone mind rodney stuckney as a king?

id gladly trade our 4th pick and kenny thomas for jason maxiel,amir johnson and rodney stuckney i think all 3 have alot of potential
if we did this it would give us a very solid rotation

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i love rodney stuckey but i

i love rodney stuckey but i think the number 4 is too much for him, especially if we have the chance to get rubio.

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i mind

he is not a pass first guy. we need that. we have scoring and we have a great passing big man in spence. we just need a pg who will score when needed and be able to distribute the ball. not try to take a game over like stuck does sometimes. michael curry had to pull him occationally because of this

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I wish we got him 2 year ago

I wish we got him 2 year ago instead of Hawes. Nothing against Hawes, he is good and seems to be getting better, but the 6'5" 1 guard would have been a great upgrade and with 40 mpg, could have averaged around 20 ppg. Oh well, we have made a lot of questionable decisions, hopefully the draft treats us well this year.

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Nash was traded to the Los

Nash was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in early July in exchange for two first round picks (2013 and 2015) and a 2014 second round selection. The deal officially ended an era under Nash which included three trips to the Western Conference Finals. The previous success seems like a distant memory as the Suns missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season in 2012.

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