Anyone else notice these similarities?

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Anyone else notice these similarities?

Just wondering, did anybody think that what transpired in the Jazz/Heat game was really eery? I think some Jazz fans might get this, but otherwise it's kind of obscure. Anyways, the last time the Jazz faced LeBron, it was the game Sundiata Gaines hit the 3 at the buzzer; in that game they were also down by around 15 in the fourth quarter, were playing without Deron Williams for the entire stretch run at the end (DWill fouled out at the end of regulation agains the heat tonight), hit the craziest shots when they were down by a seemingly insurmountable deficit with less than a minute left, and made a crazy, improbable shot at the buzzer. Watching the game tonight I had this nagging feeling at halftime that somehow, like the last time they played LeBron, the Jazz would do something crazy and make a comeback. I wouldn't have bet on it, obviously, but I had a weird feeling. LeBron has a lot of anger pent up i'm sure, but he must really hate Utah now lol.

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Good memory, I remember that

Good memory, I remember that game. The Heat really need to post up more all those jump shots and driving to the hoop aren't high % plays.

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Never in my wildest dreams

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the Jazz, who basically only had 2 big players today Dwill and Paul Millsap, would beat Lebron, Bosh, and Dwade. And do it on a night when Lebron had a triple double!! Usually when a player on the opposing team gets a triple double that team wins. But not today. Just astounding. I still can't get over it.

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If the Heat had made their

If the Heat had made their Free Throw toward the end of the game ..Everyone will be talking about Lebron Triple Double...

BTW..Did anyone else notice how Bosh seemed to play physical during the last few minutes of the game and battle for rebounds,when the Jazz got physical? He needs to do more of that...

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3 loses to the top 3 pg in the league

its been mentioned in other posts the heat cant beat a team with an elite pg first rondo then cp3 now dwill

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i agree with mj- the heat

i agree with mj- the heat haven't beat an elite point guard yet who has distributed more then 14 assists...Rondo, Cp3 and now Dwill...all can be considered the three best point guards in the league.

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