Anybody else excited/curious about the Jazz frontcourt?

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Anybody else excited/curious about the Jazz frontcourt?

Of course it's clear that the time for Favors to be the man down low has come, and it feels like the right move, he can be very good IMO. They also have Evans and his athleticism, I know his game is a bit one-dimensional, but I don't see him playing more than 15 minutes a game, coming behind Favors. And there is Marvin Williams, he is a 3 but his shooting ability can be used at the pf position I think, he is 6'9-240 after all..
The position that intrigues me more though is that of the C, where they have Kanter, Gobert, and Biedrins.. I know they won't dominate but it looks full of potential to me.. I mean, with Kanter's numbers they could easily use him for 25-30 minutes this year, and bring Gobert's monster defensive game of the bench for 10 to 20 min, depending on the game and the situation (opponent, pace, etc). And in case it doesn't go as planned, they can always bring Biedrins for as many minutes needed, remember that he was not so bad when he played, a couple of years ago.
This year's big men for the jazz have one of the biggest spaces in the league for success or failure, and that's what makes it so intriguing.. What are your thoughts?

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Been waiting for a long time

I have been waiting an extremely long to be able to see both Favors and Kanter get significant playing time, not just individually but also on the court at the same time. I have actually been high on Kanter for a while now, although I never got to see him play much live. With the limited time he received so far in his career, you could always tell that he was a beast on the boards. If he can finally get significant playing time, I think he can really show that he's a very solid player in this league.

It's going to be amazing to be able to watch these two young players contribute for Utah's front court. Both being high picks (Kanter at 3, and Favors at 4 I believe), they can finally show that they truly deserved to be drafted that high (although I guess Favors has earned that respect already)

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"waiting a long time"??????

They haven't been in the league a long time. How could you have been waiting?

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Favors was the 3rd pick

Favors was the 3rd pick

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I still don't understand why

I still don't understand why the Jazz didn't trade one or both of Millsap and Jefferson at the trade deadline when they were just going to let them walk anyway. They could have got young players, draft picks or a ham sandwich and that woulda been better than nothing, not to mention they would have earned a worse record and gotten a better status in the draft. Oh well. But yeh Favors and Kanter up front is very intriguing, I hope they can both make the jump. On paper they seem to complement each other well. Gobert will be lucky to average one minute in the NBA this season there is no way he's seeing nearly 20 mins per game.

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They didn't trade them so

They didn't trade them so that they could get cap space. Had they traded one or both of them and gotten players in return, they probably wouldn't have been able to do the trade with the Warriors and get those 2 first round picks.

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Jazz should have tried to get

Jazz should have tried to get anything in return for Jefferson or Milsap last season for sure, even a second round pick could have helped. I think it's going to take some time until Kanter and Favors to be able to handle being the full time starting front court and I think they Jazz are going to take a couple steps back in order to take a big step forward in the future. I like what they're doing but they're going to be in the middle of the lottery next year to continue to build their youth core. James Young, Wayne Seldon, Gary Harris, or Andrew Harrison (I believe is a combo guard at this point) would all be great picks for them in next years draft.

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I understand why they didnt

I understand why they didnt trade Millsap or Jefferson...they were actually in the playoff hunt all year last might have forgotten that because they are always competitive while rebuilding.

The Jazz always seem to do the right thing, thats why its pretty fun to follow them when i can (i live on the east coast so the jazz games are always late on league pass)...

I have been waiting for Favors to get significant minutes since he came into the league...I still dont understand why it took so long but i really feel like Favors and Kanter could be one of the best frontcourt in the league one day. There arent many good Centers or big men in general...most dont have the skills they have either. Along with Gobert (sorry, im not too excited for Biedrins) they have some nice young bigs for sure.

I also really like the Trey Burke pick, even though i dont think he will be a super-star by any means, he fits their style and will be good for a long time in this league. Along with Alec Burkes and Gordon Hayward, the future looks bright in Utah.

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Jazz have some talent but I

Jazz have some talent but I expect them to do a stealth tank next year. Taking on Biedrins, RJ, and signing John Lucas III tells you all you need to know. They will likely be drafting in the 4-6 range.

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It's pretty sad that you have been on this website for over a couple of years and you aren't aware of the value of capspace.

It's time for a remedial course for you.

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