Any word on Ellis signing yet?

The other day word was that the Knicks, Spurs, Bulls, Suns and Nuggets were all interested. As of now we can take him off the Knicks and Spurs radar because of the re-signings of Smith and Ginobili.

Could there be a dark horse team to be on the lookout for, that may try to bring him in on a long term deal?

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As a Suns fan I would hate to

As a Suns fan I would hate to see him sign with Phoenix. Could you imagine Ellis and Beasley on the court at the same time. No thanks. Can't imagine Bulls can afford him nor would he fit what they're trying to do. Nuggets are now an option since Iggy didn't resign.

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word is the nuggets wanna sign him. They just lost A.I so i could see them tryna get ellis but idk about a lawson ellis backcourt.

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1 yr, 12 mil: Lake Show. But

1 yr, 12 mil: Lake Show.

But seriously I hope he signs with them and puts up 40 every night so we don't have to watch such an empty team

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He cant score 40 points in 5

He cant score 40 points in 5 games,the should try with him but he's not gonna help them now ;)

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OJ Mayo got 3/24m, Monta is

OJ Mayo got 3/24m, Monta is going to get 3 or 4 years.

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i could see him going to 3

i could see him going to 3 teams: could fit with detroit, philly, or the lakers.
--Detroit could use a starting pg, stuckey likes to score too much and is inconsistent. thats why he hasnt worked out, but off the bench his minutes could be managed. knight is a combo guard as well whose hasnt figured out how to facilitate. ellis has shown he can be an effective pg if given the lead guard role. not sure if they trying to make the playoffs or remain in the race to be bad for this upcoming draft but adding ellis as the point with smith, drummond and monroe could make the playoffs in the east.
--LAKERS need someone to move forward with after nash retires, he could come off the bench this year possibly next and give them scoring and ball handling. With another legimate perimeter threat kobe want have to kill himself to make all the outside shots, as nash has really started to shoot less and less over the past 2 years. i know some will say kobe with monta not a good fit but ellis has never played beside a player of the caliber of kobe, kobe could just give him a look if monta starts shooting too much or not pass him the ball which kobe has no problem doing.
--PHILLY, i am not sold on mcw being their starting pg moving forward. in fact i was upset they traded away holiday for a guy who will get beat because of weight and has no offense along with a pick whose (potential) is prolly higher than their actual talent in the 2014 draft. he can be their starter for the next couple years allowing mcw to work on his shot and develop.
---monta to me is a pg whose needs his shot at that position. i think his problem is evry team he has played on has tried to make him a 2. he has averaged 6assists twice in his career. Thats amazing at the 2spot. Give him a shot at the 1 i think thats the key to his controversial shot selection.

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Philly isn't going to sign

Philly isn't going to sign Monta Ellis, he doesn't fit into what they are trying to do and he's so inefficient that I can't see Sam Hinkie being intrigued.

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Outlaw "I have a dream" lol

Everyone can dream, the lake show would be hilarious with Ellis!

Get ready for a rough year, as a celtics fan I'm ready aswell haha.

Ellis on the nuggets would be a shame, Brian shaws first gig and he gets Ellis, dayyyum that's be rough.

Ellis will problem end up on the suns, for a dumb contract.

If Ellis were smart he'd sign with a contender and be instant o off the bench.
He'd at least be in contention for 6th man cuz he gets no love doing what he does now.

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The two of you saying Lakers,

The two of you saying Lakers, seriously shut up. The Lakers can only sign him to a MMLE. Which is like 3 mil. Why would he want to take so much less money to play for a team that will more then likely be terrible next season.

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