Anthony Randolph

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Anthony Randolph

Can someone please explain to me why he's not getting any PT. Like he's a perfect fit in the D'Antoni system and im sick of watching him get 2 min. Is anyone else wanting to see this highly touted guy??

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It's a pretty simple answer.

It's a pretty simple answer. Anthony Randolph is not that good right now and his potential can't save him this season. Randolph has been outplayed by Fields throughout training camp and has proven he still isn't strong enough to play center. The only way Randolph sees the court is if he gets stronger and can play center. He won't get any time at forward because of Fields, Chandler, Amare and Dani taking all the minutes there as well as they should be doing. Plus Roni Turiaf has out played him for all the back up PF's minutes. D'Antoni wants to win now and not do talent evaluating that is why Randolph is not playing. He is super disapointing by the way because I was really high on Randolph in college and thought teams were crazy by not taking him in the top ten of that draft.

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