Anthony Davis comparison

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Anthony Davis comparison

I think the site doesnt have an accurate comparison for davis (no way he plays like chris bosh). I would say he's like a serge ibaka, but with better ball-handling and shooting skills (despite that IMO davis's offensive game is overrated)

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He can kind of be what

He can kind of be what Anthony Randolph was suppose to be, except with better defense. A long 6-10 defender who can excel in transition. his offensive game is raw, but don't call it overrated. He has good shooting form and excellent handle. Depending on what position he plays, which I think should be PF, I think his offensive potential has a very high ceiling. He will learn post moves, and hopefully put on some weight.

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I like the marcus camby

I like the marcus camby comparison....

He has the same kind of body (size, length, shoulders, weight) and the same kind of upside / potential. He is already a big defensive player and can only progress in order to become a bs/reb specialist à la camby and he has shown some potential in the offensive side (the same kind of shoot camby has developped through years and putbacks work).

Way too much agressive (defensive effectivness and winning mentality) to be anthony randolph 2.0 or chris bosh.

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I was thinking more like

I was thinking more like possibly Chris Webber as a comparison.

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I'd say best case he is a

I'd say best case he is a very poor mans kevin Garnett and worst case a very rich mans Marcus canny. Either way he shud be a formidable defensive player an future all star for many years to come

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BEST case? i wouldn't use

BEST case? i wouldn't use "poor mans" phrase for AD's ceiling

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webber's way off (yeh, i'm a

webber's way off (yeh, i'm a michigan guy, but it's not bias or me downing davis' game. i came of age with the fab five and watched webhead's career very closely. and frankly, i see very few similarities...) webber was a stud athlete and a mediocre defender. probably closer to young amar'e with a handle than anthony davis (davis is a lot of things but he ain't that.) davis is more smooth than freakishly explosive.

actually, i think anthony davis is terribly overrated for any team expecting a franchise savior. he's good, i project him as at least a future all-star with the potential to be one of the top ten or fifteen players in the nba. but a superstar or franchise player? the jury's still out. there's no way, for instance, that davis winds up in charlotte and turns that pathetic bunch into a play-off squad. anthony davis is definitely closer to marcus camby/tyson chandler with a jumpshot and those guys as good as they were/are were never franchise players. he's also coming into the league as skinny as those guys did which will limit his effectiveness somewhat until he adds some muscle. he might have a 7 block game in the pros but he's also gonna get pushed around a lot by smaller, stronger dudes. and blake griffin won't rest till he puts the rook in a poster.

i also see some tim duncan in davis. like dunc, he's pretty fundamentally sound. he can already shoot a bit, good form on his stroke and he's a better free throw shooter than timmy. has some handle because he used to be a guard before his growth spurt, so davis has good court vision and is extremely unselfish much like number 21. but i think there's something about the way they play i find very similar. anthony davis is more fluid than outright explosive. he kind of floats in the air as opposed to having that fierce and freakish dunking power like a dwight howard or shawn kemp or young chris webber. i think that smoothness to his game makes me think of duncan. also, those long arms that just seem to go on forever which will get him on a few all-defensive teams. davis probably isn't going to overpower you and will be effective in that more subtle way like timmy is i.e. he might dominate a game without having one sportscenter top ten worthy play.

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