Anthony "Big Cat" Barber Really A Top 3 PG in Class of 2013?

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Anthony "Big Cat" Barber Really A Top 3 PG in Class of 2013?

I'm from Hampton, VA and if you've ever been in the area you know we rely on amateur sports as our source of sports entertainment. I've had the pleasure to have seen Cat play since he was a kid, and I'm honestly shocked he's considered a top 3 PG by ESPN, Rivals, and Scout. All three recruiting sites have him #3 behind Harrison and Hill, but he's nowhere near as skilled as Nigel Williams Goss, Demetrius Jackson, and Tyler Ennis. Cat got a lot of his hype from winning a state title as a junior and his play during EYBL when he was unguardable at times, but he has never shown that he can fully run a team and he has no jump shot.

When Boo Williams matched up against Houston Defenders everyone got to see the #1 PG (Andrew Harrison) matchup with the #3 PG (Barber) and it wasn't even close. Harrison knew Barber had no jump shot and took away his driving lane and Barber struggled tremendously. I saw him play against Isaiah Whitehead (the next hype PG from Lincoln HS in Brooklyn c/o 2014) the other week and Whitehead had his way with him.

My question is this for the board: Is Barber overrated or is there is a huge gap between the top 2 PGs and the rest of the class?

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There is a big drop off from

There is a big drop off from 2 to 3, but I personally would not have Barber top 5 at the position. In fact, I'd have him closer to 10 in the class. Other guys I'd have over Barber besides the ones you named (who I'd also take over Barber): Derrick Walton, Connor Frankamp, Zach LaVine, Rysheed Jordan.

He's fast and athletic, but he's small, his PG skills aren't that great and he's not a good shooter.

Also, it shouldn't be a surprise that those guys outplayed Barber. Those are huge physical mismatches for him. They can easily take away the things that he's good at, while physically imposing themselves on him at the other end.

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I heard the Whitehead vs

I heard the Whitehead vs barber game was a real show. I'm from New York. How good do you personally feel whitehead is?

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He's a good player. He has a

He's a good player. He has a very good handle and can get into the paint. I do wonder about his ability to play in a half court offense and he needs consistency with his jumper. The game where he played the Harrison twins he did get outplayed thoroughly by Andrew but I believe he hurt himself during that game.

But I do think there is a gap between the top 2 point guards and him.

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