Anthony Bennett's Work Ethic

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Anthony Bennett's Work Ethic

During my sophmore year in College up in Canada, we got a new coach who used to play for the Cdn national team (2000 olympic team), he was at the time (but 2 years ago) an assistant coach for the Canadian JR National Team, The year a lot of these kids who are in college and first couple years in the League were all involved with the team. Corey Joseph, Tristan, Kris Joseph, Kelly Olynik, Wiggins etc, etc.

I was lucky enough to have my interest in player development and grassroots hoops peak at the same time Canadian basketball did. probably not a coincidence. And I used to love talking with this guy about these youngings coming up in the program and how he sees them progressing through NCAA and maybe the league.

He was super high on all those kids, praising their work ethic, attitude and natural abilities. the one guy who he wasnt particularily stoked on, at least attitude and work ethic wise, was Bennett. Said he needed an attitude check, and had a real sense of entitlement on those groups. Again this is second hand info so Im not sure on specifics, but coaches words are really coming full circle with AB still trying to get in shape, really being non-vocal on the court, and not looking like a good teammate.

Just reading the CavsFan forum got me thinking that this is a dude who relied on natural skills to dominate, and just slacked the hell off once he got that first overall paycheck.

Really this slump might be the best thing for him if he can change his attitude and ever get his confidence back.

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