Another Year for Austin Rivers?

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Another Year for Austin Rivers?

As the season winds down it is become more apparent that Duke star Austin Rivers would benefit from another year of college basketball.

Rivers has the talent to become a first round pick in the 2012 NBA draft. Most scouts see him being drafted at the end of the lottery or mid-first round, but it’s too difficult at this time to make him a top ten pick.

I still believe that Rivers game will work better at the next level where the NBA encourages one on one style of play. Rivers has one of the best first steps in college basketball and his crossover is deadly, but what Rivers still needs to work on is his perimeter defense and his decision making. Many games this year Rivers has looked lost on the defensive side; whether it’s getting through a pick, picking up his teammates man, or moving his feet quick enough to stay in front of his man. His mistakes have led him to frustrations and that has led him mentally out of the game. He needs to continue to attack the basket and take better shots, and not let his emotions get the best of him. I understand that Rivers is a freshman and he is still learning. Part of the problem Rivers gets criticized for is because of all the hype that he had at the high school level. Many scouts had him making the same kind of impact that Kyrie Irving made and it hasn’t happen yet.

I still believe that Rivers is a star in waiting. He is a special talent that has a high basketball IQ, has great one on one moves, and is fearless on the court. It’s time for Rivers to find his confidence again and be the go to player that Duke will need for March Madness this year. If he is able to put al his skills together he can be a top 5 pick in the 2013 NBA draft.

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I Hope he stays another

I Hope he stays another year,becuz unlike alot of people i think he has the talent to be a top 15 player..He already have the nba game, it just needs molding and what better teacher to have then coach K? Plus he needs to get stronger,there are alot of guys that hate Doc Rivers cant wait to knock little Doc on his a$$ if he tries driving into the

I thinks he's going to be a better pro then Jeremy Lamb, becuz he's fearless and his 1 on 1 skills are tailormade for the nba...Lamb will be an all star,but i believe Rivers will be a superstar..

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Rivers is a lot like Mayo

Rivers is just too much like OJ Mayo. He had a ton of hype entering college, yet he has done ok so far. Mayo had a great offensive game. Superb one on one skills, yet in the NBA now he is struggling, and needs a change of scenery in order to flourish. Rivers plays just like him and could end up having a career very similar to OJ Mayo's so far. They both have great offensive games but are horrible on D.

I also think he should stay another year, but in the end I think he will declare because there are still a few scouts who are raving about his potential. For that he will still go in the lottery, no matter when he declares. Most college kids tend to take the NBA gauranteed lottery status right away and don't wait, so based on that I think he declares. (He'll probably be a late lottery pick this year, unless he has a great tourney.)

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I think he should stay an

I think he should stay an extra year, but probably wont.

I definitely think Rivers could be fine, he has game that is much more NBA than Duke, very iso based. But he could come back next year and be the alpha dog on by far the best team in the nation, and really lead them to a championship.

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doesn't usually have one-and-dones. Obviously doesn't mean he'll stay for sure, but you would assume it's something he thought about before committing. Another year under coach K would do a lot, for any player.

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ask sean dockery what he thinks about that

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I'm sure that his father will

I'm sure that his father will be able to give him sound advice but personally I think another year under Coach K will benefit his game and make him a better long term NBA player. Austin doesn't need to declare for any sort of financial reason so he can make the decision purely from a playing perspective.

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I think he's a better

I think he's a better prospect than OJ Mayo. The difference in first step is huge between them. Mayo always had a problem getting to the cup, and that's what's preventing him from becoming a star.

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Mayo deffiantly doesnt have

Mayo deffiantly doesnt have the handles that Rivers has.....Rivers has Allen Iverson handles and would already have one of the best crossovers in the league if he was drafted right now

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Needs to stay has the talent

Needs to stay has the talent ,that talent needs molded

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He can use another year at Duke, but who knows these days. A lot less talented players have left early.

His handles and 1st step is top notch. He needs to get stronger because he gets a lot of his shots blocked at the rim.

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I think he's ready

Austin rivers is ready for the nba but I think he should stay a next year only becaus he will be a top 5 pick for sure in the 2013 pick. everyone thinks his game is like mayo I think his game is more like deron Williams not only could he shoot the ball he can break down his defenders just like d will im not saying he will be like d will but I think his potential is the same as d will his ball iq is pretty advance for a player like him at the college level.

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You do realize that Sean

You do realize that Sean Dockery just wasn't really all that good? He was never a featured player because there were always a ton of better players on his teams.

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Steph Curry Stayed at least

Steph Curry Stayed at least two years and Austin Rivers would be wise to follow suit considering both players are often compared to each other.

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As a Duke fan, I'd love to

As a Duke fan, I'd love to see how Rivers and Shabazz Muhammad would work together if they both somehow ended up with Duke next year.

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Anything to keep his fine

Anything to keep his fine behind sister on tv

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@Kobeee Shabazz Muhammad

@Kobeee Shabazz Muhammad would not come to Duke if Austin stays another year, already too much depth at the wing position at Duke.

@McBased I agree with you she is hella fine, I saw her with Kyrie Irving at the Watch the Throne concert in Greensboro and you can tell she's a volleyball player...if you get my drift ;)

I love how the perverts at ESPN always cut to her (and Doc lol) whenever Austin makes a good move.

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