Andrew Wiggins & Toronto Raptors

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Andrew Wiggins & Toronto Raptors

How realistic is the possibility of Wiggins signing with the Toronto Raptors after his rookie deal is up? (that is, assuming the Raptors fail to land him in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft)

What do you guys think ?

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The guy hasn't played a

The guy hasn't played a single college game and we're already talking about the summer of 2018? Oh God.

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I think the Lakers Plan A is

I think the Lakers Plan A is Wiggins.

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There is almost zero chance

There is almost zero chance the Lakers get Wiggins.

They will likely just miss playoffs and draft in the 9-12 range. If Kobe misses most of the season, maybe they'll draft as high as 5th. If they were that lucky, they'd have to trade the 5th pick plus sign and trade Pau Gasol at a discount (to a developing team who really wouldn't want Pau Gasol).

Basically, don't bet on it.

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I wonder if everyone gets the

I wonder if everyone gets the idea of the CBA? After your rookie deal, the team you are under contract to has the right to sign you to an extension, even if you refuse, (which players NEVER do) you are then a restricted free agent, you have to sign an offer sheet with another team, which your current team has the right to match. So as much as I would love to see Wiggins playing for my hometown, if he is as good as advertised, it won't be happening for at LEAST 7 seasons into his career.

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Thank you!...People clearly

Thank you!...People clearly don't understand the concept of restricted free agency. That is why you saw all these posts about the Lakers signing Paul George next year...and Kyrie Irving the year after. There is no way their respective teams wouldn't match any offer sheet they sign.

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Actually the easiest way out of that...

is go through the duration of the rookie contract then take the qualifying offer and not sign any offer sheets with other teams so your bound to that team for one more year. Then after that last year your are an unrestricted free agent free to sign with any other teams. Its just you have to go through 5 years instead of 4 to be an unrestricted free agent.

This happens rarely however because most players take the extension offered by their original team for financial security since they're still young. It's usually after their first extension do players seem to want to switch teams.

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All this hype and wath

All this hype and watch wiggins become a bust lmao. But really, all this is deserved, he will be a great nba player.

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You're pretty much locked in

You're pretty much locked in with a team for a few years after your rookie contract unless they don't want to match an offer. And I'm sure Wiggins will be worth the Max by then which makes it impossible to outpay.

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Wiggins becomes anything like

Wiggins becomes anything like what he promises to be then he'll get a max or damn near max extension from whoever drafts him plus the owning team can get him signed up after 3 years and can offer the best deal.

Apparently the Laker fans are targeting Thom Maker in 2020/21!

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Guys always sign an extension

Guys always sign an extension after the rookie deal. It pays much more than any team could offer. The problem is after the extension is when you see guys leaving their teams. Bosh, Melo, Howard, Paul, LeBron. All of those guys stayed with their teams after the rookie contract extension and it wasn't until after that they wanted to pick their own teams. They have already made $80-100 million over 7-8 years they are ready to go and play for another team of their choice by the time that first initial extension ends.

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I think guys should stop the

I think guys should stop the Wiggins to the Raptors posts just because he's from Canada. As Tongue Out wrote, he hasn't even played a college game, and people are already thinking about the 2018 free agency. Let's post about Wiggins play at Kansas before we start talking about him in the NBA.....let alone going to the Raptors.

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Him getting free agency talks

Him getting free agency talks like LeBron without playing one college game? Sorry buddy it's way too soon, look at where Shabazz is now after how high his expectations were in high school.

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As much as I would like to

As much as I would like to see him in a Raptors jersey, I believe that based on what happens with him in his NBA career up until his rookie contract is over determines where he signs.

I dont think the grammar is perfect in that sentence but I think i got my point through

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The only chance the raptors

The only chance the raptors have of landing Wiggins is through the lottery, this year. However, it wouldn't surprise me the least bit if Heir Silver (sounds weird to say instead of Heir Stern) can make a few ping pong balls bounce their way, the same way Stern did for Cleveland back in '03.

On a side note, cant we do a little bit more to protect the integrity of the lottery? 99% of fans think it is rigged and the NBA makes no effort to show any 3rd party that it isn't. I highly doubt that it actually is, but I have no proof that is is not....therefore I will always be skeptical until proven otherwise.

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