Andrew Wiggins Stat Projections

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Andrew Wiggins Stat Projections

I know another Anderw Wiggins topic i'm sorry, but what stats do you think he would average depending on the school he attends.

At Kentucky: 13 ppg 4 rbg 2 apg 52% shooting. Will be the number one option, the only problem is that there will be options 1b, 1c, 1d, and 1e in randle harrison twins and young. This team would be the favorite for National title. He would fit running with all the guys its just a matter if he wants to fit in or stand out here.

At Kansas: 19 ppg 6 rpg 4 apg 50% shooting. Will be the undisputed first option on a team that is looking for a scoring option next year. Will have plenty of shooters around him in Greene, Fankamp, and Seldon. This team would be a National Championship contender. He will play a role similar to B-mac but will be looking to attack off of screens rather than spot up threes. One other thing is that Bill Self would make him a lockdown defender.

At UNC: 16 ppg 5rpg 3apg 50% shooting. His athleticism would shine in roys system. Would be first option but with James Macadoo and Hairston coming back he might not get as many shots as at Kansas or Flordia State. Another National title contender.

At Florida State: 23 ppg 6 rpg 2 apg 45% shooting. He would be double teamed all the time. Forced to put up shots, but he would be able to change the face of the program and create his own legacy at the school. Overall it would be seen as an overall success if he brings them to the sweet sixteen and keeps the team in the top 25 all year. At Florida State he would be given free reign to do whatever he likes and show his overall talents attacking the rim and getting to the foul line.

What do you guys see him putting up at the different schools?

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23 ppg? No way. Have you

23 ppg? No way. Have you seen Florida St play offense and the pace that they play at?
I don' t think he'd scored 19 a game at Kansas either.

I think people are seriously overrating his offensive repertoire at this point. He really isn't all that polished offensively, nor is he a guy who constantly hunts his own offense.

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I disagree I think the predictions made above are pretty good estimations. They take into account the role he'd have and although the fg% are probably too high the ppg are pretty good. 23ppg is reasonable for a guy who will be taking a lot of shots at Florida st.

Also in my opinion his offensive repertoire is not being overrated. He actually has improved his jumper greatly his senior year. Developing both a 3 point shot and also getting his mid range more consistent. He has really good foot work and has a go to move with his spin move when driving to the lane. His skills paired with his athleticism gives him all the tools to be a good scorer next year regardless of the school he goes to. I do however agree his mindset might keep him from reaching his scoring potential, he tends to defer when the competition is not elite so when they play lesser teams he could defer and that could affect his scoring average.

He has all the physical tools and the skillset to be an elite scorer and he continues to improve every year so depending on his situation he could average 15-20 ppg next year.

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I think his rebounding and

I think his rebounding and defense is being underrated. I know you didn't predict defense but he averaged 2.4 steals, 2.6 blocks and 11.1 rebounds. You have him between 4-6 rebounds depending on where goes. MKG averaged 7.4 in 31 minutes and KD averaged 11.1 in 36 minutes. I honestly think he gets 7-8 boards with 1.5 steals and blocks. Obviously at Kentucky he won't get too many touches but you know he is getting around 30 minutes on talent and athleticism alone. No way he only gets 4 rebounds there he is way too long, athletic, and aggressive.

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In Kentucky 13,2 ppg 5,4 rpg

In Kentucky 13,2 ppg 5,4 rpg 2,4 apg 1.6 spg 1,2 bpg 52%

In UNC 15,2 ppg 6,1 rpg 1,6 apg 1,5 spg 1,2 bpg 48%

In Kansas 18,5 ppg 7,5 rpg 2,1 apg 2 spg 1,6 bpg 51%

In FSU 21,8 ppg 8,1 rpg 1,8 apg 2,1 spg 1,4 bpg 50%

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fran fran is always good for

fran fran is always good for guessing peoples future stats, and always uses commas instead of decimals

I think Spike Albrecht would average 14,3 ppg 3,8 rpg 8,3 apg 1,8 spg ,1 bpg 45% from 3's in the NBA next year

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16pts 7rebs 2ast 1stl 1blk

16pts 7rebs 2ast 1stl 1blk

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one thing I GUARANTEE he will

one thing I GUARANTEE he will avg more than 4-6 rebounds

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