Andrew Wiggins reclassifying: "sources say that appears to be unlikely at this stage"

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Andrew Wiggins reclassifying: "sources say that appears to be unlikely at this stage"

Well, as Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News originally reported and Rob Dauster wrote about on NBC CollegeBasketball Talk, Andrew Wiggins may indeed stay in the high school class of 2014. Andrew's original class is technically 2013 and as many of us have followed, the thought was he might move back into that class. With Kentucky appearing to be the leader in his recruitment (with his parents alma mater Florida State still in the running as well) and the recent signing of James Young, one has to wonder when Andrew will finally commit to a high school class.

All I can go off is a gut feeling and from being at the actual interview that went down between he and Aran (I took the picture of the two of them. Definitely not a photographer, lol), have to say that he did not seem incredibly gung ho about reclassifying. Think he flat out likes being in high school and that he feels comfortable at Huntington Prep. As much as I and many others would love to see Andrew in the NBA ASAP, his coming in at 19 as opposed to 20 is not the end of the world. In fact, he will probably just be that much more ready to contribute at a high level.

There is definitely a down side, the biggest reason to enter quickly would more than likely to avoid injury before signing a lucrative pro deal. Also, will Andrew really be getting much better playing against high school comp for another season? Well, regardless, lets just hope for the best and assume that as he becomes more physically mature, he will indeed add to his game and maintain his competitive drive.

As a fan, would have been a guilty pleasure to see him be potentially eligible for the 2014 Draft. As someone who tries to look from the persons perspective, am completely fine with Andrew staying in the class of 2014 and more than likely being in the 2015 Draft. He is a good kid with a strong support system, the choice is completely his as to what he wants to do with his future. Either way, I believe we will be looking at an absolute star down the line. Just wanted to get a discussion going upon the news that he is likely staying in the Class of 2014.

Know that most people wanted him to be in that 2014 Draft, but that seems like it will not happen unless he planned to use spend a prep year in HS and go to the pros. Get the feeling he will be on a college campus eventually and think that Kentucky still is the leader, even if I am pushing for him to lead a resurged Florida State program at his parents old school. Here is a recently loaded mixtape of Andrew at the State Farm Tournament of Champions last year:

That last dunk is absolutely nasty.

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Saying that

Nerlens swithched classes kinda late in the year didnt he. Im not too bothered eitherway to be honest. Definately a personal decision.

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but he wasnt eligible for the

but he wasnt eligible for the mcdonalds all american game, wiggins want to play in that game

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I think you hit the nail on the head when you questioned whether or not Wiggins is somewhat wasting a year of development by staying in HS the extra season. With many considering him the top high school player in the nation, I too question whether or not he will be able to maximize his development and be tested enough to improve much.

But that's not to say he can't continue his development curve with hard work and a good focus on the things that he needs to improve.

Being a year older when entering college and professional ball will also have advantages. And it is important for him to do what makes him most comfortable and happy.

As a fan of college ball I would love to see him reclassify. Then I could watch him more and sooner. But I have no problem being patient, so at the end of the day I guess it doesn't really matter much to me.

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all we have is conjecture,

all we have is conjecture, but i don't think he's going to come out this year. i think he's going to be extremely hyped all season long in his last season as a high school player, and he's going to join a kentucky team that isn't already satuated with NBA talent. he looks like the kind of dude that could be a kevin durant-type (while in college) impact player imo.

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how surprisingly that he decides not to reclassify now that james young took the SF spot. i think this is all pretty obvious, cal told him to stay in school and come to UK the year after, where he can be THE MAN.

andrew wiggins is going to kentucky is he doesn't reclassify

FSU if he does

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That's the spirit

Stay in school and team up with Mudiay

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First this is an opinion

First this is an opinion since Wiggins hasn't even talked to his family about this decision(he's in Canada now trying to figure it out). Secondly. You don't "Be the man" at UK. It's all about TEAM and sharing.

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