Is Andrew Wiggins destined to underachieve?

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Is Andrew Wiggins destined to underachieve?

I'm a known advocate of the talent Wiggins possesses, but recently this site has made me realize that Wiggins is going to underachive this year almost by default.

Why do I think this? For starters people have been comparing him to LeBron James. As great as Wiggins is, we may not see another LeBron type talent in high school for decades. Wiggins just simply can't compare to LeBron in any aspect outside of athleticism. More recently it's become obvious to me that Wiggins is being graded on a different scale then everyone else. He outplayed Jabari Parker in all three all star events over the past couple weeks...and yet people have come away disappointed in him and even elevated Parker recently. If you look back, Wiggins produced at a high level in all three games but because we expect so much from him (much like Lebron in the NBA) and he didn't absolutely dominate, some opinions on him have lowered.

If Wiggins goes to FSU he'll have to put up insane numbers to live up to his hype. I mean look at Shabazz...if I told you before the year he would average 18 ppg while coming off a suspension and injury (for UCLA a school who has held back prospects in the past) you would all say he would be a lock to go top 3. That actually happened and he has fallen on some boards out of the top 10 in a weak class! I've heard people suggest Wiggins could score 25 ppg at FSU and I just don't think that is realistic at this point. How often do wings with single-handedly dominate in college basketball? Durant did but he didn't win a tournament game, didn't have the incoming hype Wiggins does and he was at least 2 inches taller with a far more advanced offensive game at the same stage. So if Wiggins goes to FSU and doesn't drop ridiculous numbers AND lead his team semi-far he'll be looked at as a disappointment.

If Wiggins goes to UNC the talent would be there to compliment him, but the system doesn't suit his abilities at all. UNC looks to go down low primarily and have the wings be used as spot up shooters. While Wiggins does have a better jump shot then he's given credit for it would be Harrison Barnes all over again (and Barnes was a better fit then Wiggins because of his jumper) because his handle just isn't there yet. He would get buckets that Harrison didn't because he's a better slasher and far better in transition but overall if he surpassed the numbers Barnes put up as a sophomore (which got him picked 7th) I would be extremely surprised.

If he goes to Kentucky he'll automatically be hated by half the site right away. The expectations will be lowered but a number of things could happen. The Harrison's could do what they love to do and dominate the ball together leaving Wiggins with limited touches. If Wiggins isn't the absolute alpha-dog on this team I'm sure many are going to hold that against him.

I know we are all excited to see the kid play, but we need to lower the expectations a bit. He's got holes in his game and a few of them (lack of handle, stone-cold killer attitude) are hard to overcome if you want to be the leader of a team. I'm hoping Wiggins has an excellent year that puts everyones doubts to rest, but if that doesn't happen we should at least try to grade him on the same scale as Jabari and Randle.

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No, but Trey Burke is

No, but Trey Burke is

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You're obviously willing to

You're obviously willing to embrace the negs, right?

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I agree with you. It's the

I agree with you. It's the media man. The media can make you a celebrity over night and the most hated person in the morning. As a tarheel fan. When we got Harrison Barnes, I thought he was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread lol. But due to the hype he received before even playing a game at UNC, people expected him to have a Beasley/Durant type of freshman year. Especially after he was named a preseason All American. It's funny too that those two guys were highly regarded prospects going into college. But Oden was more hyped than Durant coming into college, and you had guys like Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon, etc getting more hype than Beasley. So Beasley and Durant actually exceeded the expectations that were given to them. Harrison Barnes averaged 15.7 ppg his freshman year. I remember him posting a 40 point game in the ACC tournament. Thats pretty good for a freshman. But not for the number one recruit entering the college baskebtall season. They expected him to average 25 ppg. It's sad really. Shabazz Muhammad statiscally had a great freshman season. But with all the hype he received and all the miscellaneous stuff like his eligibilty issues, his age, and him coming in overweight has lead to many scouts and people bashing him and may sometimes lead people to take other peoples words for it rather than their own. I think when people put you on a pedestal, they are just looking for you to fail. I remember when Lebron was drafted, guys in my high school were saying Melo is better than Lebron and stuff like that. Like they were just looking for a reason to not like Lebron. I won't be surprised if by the end of the college basketball season you hear guys like Parker and Randle going number one over Wiggins due to his performance compared to theirs.

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His on-court intensity

His on-court intensity just doesn't reflect the hype, he's a humble kid so humble that I don't think he's a killer like the all-time greats. Duncan is an exception but you always felt like he'd come through for his team when it really mattered, maybe Wiggins is in this tier. I feel that there's more substance to Parker's game than in Wiggins', people say it's hard to find Wiggins' athletic ability but I say it's also hard to find a player as skilled as Parker at this stage.

I'm with you with regards to how you feel about watching him, they've built him up so much that I felt almost let-down by his play at the Hoop Summit even though he played a very efficient game it was a casual 19 points, he didn't impose himself whether that's down to jadedness or how comfortable it was for the World team I don't know. He has the tools to dominate but he's unselfish to a fault a bit like Rudy Gay at UCONN a guy who should've made the NCAA his hunting ground in reality he got nervous in the spotlight and deferred to his team-mates because he didn't have it in him to take control.

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y2g, that was just well said.

y2g, that was just well said. but i'm still a foolish sucker after seeing the kid play a little and buying some of this paricular media hype. hype/expectations really do get out of hand at times though. i'm not counting on wiggins as the next lebron, but barring injuries, i think anything is possible. i have a feeling he goes to fsu and delivers.

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This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you have so many smarks, nothing is good enough. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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It would be better if he

It would be better if he could go right to the NBA, then the beginning of his career wouldnt be determined by where he chooses to go to college because if he picks the wrong team he could lose a couple million dollars by sliding to number 2 or 3.

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Based on who's expectations? Andrew Wiggins owes nothing to prove to anyone but himself... Why would it be different for him than any other player that has come before him?

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He is hyped but nowhere to

He is hyped but nowhere to the extent Lebron was. Even casual basketball fans knew about Lebron back in 2002 by just turning on sportscenter or whatever. Wiggins is ridiculously hyped on this website but lets not act like the actual media is going crazy about him even near Lebron's level, I mean they were nationally televising his high school games so more people could get to know him.

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The hype eventually leads to

The hype eventually leads to scrutiny when they fall short of the bar Lebron set, will he be a HOFer? Who knows, maybe he'll be Rudy Gay (let's hope he doesn't fall in love with 20fters), will he be Scottie with better offense? Lets just let the kid develop, hopefully he'll get to the right pro team and a coach that pushes him and not d-ride him.

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Honestly, I'm high on

Honestly, I'm high on Wiggins, but some people on here do have unrealistic expectations. So, in those people's opinions then ya he might underperform. I think he'll have a really good freshman year and be the first pick next year, but depending on the situation his stats might not necessarily live up to what people expect. How he plays along w the skills and intangibles he shows will be more important than his stats. IMO the reason people have ripped Bazz on here (I've raised a few questions myself) isn't because of his performance stats-wise, but more a result of him not showing all the skills people thought he possessed coming out of high school.

On a side note, I thought that post about how Wiggins canceling his visits means he's going to Kentucky was funny. Has it occurred to some of these people that he's been on the road for three weeks and might want some time to relax and be a kid? I'm not going to pretend to know where he's going next year, but I do know that regardless college basketball is going to be a lot of fun to watch next year!

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I am willing to be wrong but I am going to go on record and say that "IF" Jabari Parker shows up 15-20 pounds lighter at Duke (and he needs to lose 15-20 pounds after weighing in at 240); with his skill set there will be some people who see a special talent. I just see something in him. Maybe I'm wrong... but I love how he "thinks" the game. I like how he plays to win.

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With all the hype if Wiggins

With all the hype if Wiggins isn't one of the 5-10 top players in college basketball next year will be considered a disappointment. With the flaws in his game that others have mentioned it will be very hard for him to live up to such lofty expectations.

Personally I prefer Parker's skill level and IQ. He's not a poor athlete by any means either. He could tone up a bit, but hey, the chunky thing works for Melo, right?

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Neg me if you like, I don't

Neg me if you like, I don't care. But man, you guys can hate on Andrew Wiggins. We are all fans of basketball and know the NBA needs more superstars, so when one is coming up what do we do? We say he is over rated or that he won't live up to the hype. I hope Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Hill, Vonleh and all those guys become stars.

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Great post and valid points made by Y2G

Players like Wiggins are destined to live off their hype until they play a full college season and get drafted. Whether or not he lives up to it is anyone's guess but right now everyone wants to get great seats on the bandwagon. Me personally I can't see myself get behind a player until they play 10 plus college games and against proper competition. I have seen tapes and watched all star game footage but besides being a great athlete Im not that floored by Andrew Wiggins just yet. All this can change after a full season in the NCAA but I am usually harder on prospects than most. I can see Wiggins blow up but I can also see him fail to live up all the expectations placed on him from day one. Time will tell with the entire 2014 draft class

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He's the most hyped guy going

He's the most hyped guy going into his college rookie year since Oden IMO, we were all high on Durant and to a slightly lesser extent the Rose, Mayo, Beasley trio as they battled out for top spot. John Wall was a clear number 1 and was hyped hugely too.

I think the 2014 draft is exciting as it looks genuinely deep and could maybe throw up several stars for the first time in a few years.

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Living in West Virginia, I've

Living in West Virginia, I've been able to watch Wiggins play a few times. I'm telling yall now he is going to disappoint the casual fan who doesn't really understand the game and the people who bought into the hype. I'm not saying he can't or won't be great, in fact I think he will be a superstar once he puts it all together. But based off of right now, his all around game just isn't there yet. I think he will be good in college next year, maybe even really good. But the way the media and everyone else over hypes every big time high school recruit since LeBron that comes out is ridiculous. Once again, not saying he won't be great eventually, but we tend to forget that these kids are 18-19 and haven't even scratched the surface yet. He will probably average 15-5-5 next year which is great for a freshman but I've seen multiple people on here, twitter, and other websites saying he will lead the country in scoring etc. We put too much on these kids shoulders and when they don't live up to it we automatically criticize them. Give Andrew 5 years and then we will see the NBA superstar that we think he can be, but not next year.

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I expect Wiggins to be a more

I expect Wiggins to be a more efficient, athletic, and productive version of Rudy Gay. Rudy Gay is an extremely talented player although his efforts are inconsistent horrible shots and tends to fall in love with his jumper and not make the tough play whether that would be driving, mixing it up in the post, getting offensive rebounds for easy buckets, and by doing so he really ruins what his overall productivity could be. If Wiggins can be a more efficient Rudy Gay he realizes my expectations although I doubt he ever realizes the medias expectations. They're just way too high!

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