Andrew Bynum and the Lakers?

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Andrew Bynum and the Lakers?

So I am a HUGE Laker fan and they have been playing well so far this season and there rotation has been working well for them thus far. Only problem with the team for me is Andrew Bynum. He is extremely talented and young but there are so many problems with him returning for me. I have never been a big fan of him. First off I think he complains way to much, Secondly the Lake Show is playing great right now! Third off he is a walking band aid and he can't stay healthy. The only problem is if you do trade him, and what for?

A Point Gaurd? The Steve Blake and Derek Fisher experiment has been working extremely well for the Laker offence and I woudn't want to see that go. (Unless we got Chris Paul or something which I believe is completely unattainable for Andrew Bynum)

A Shooting Gaurd? Obviously we have Kobe Bryant and Shannon Brown is playing out of his mind this year backing him up so we don't need a point gaurd.

Small Forward? They have Artest and Barnes there already.

Power Forward? Obviously there is Pau Gasol and Odom that can play Power Forward. If they bring in anybody at PF it would be pointless because it would be trading Bynum for a downgrade.

Center? Pau is playing well at Center right now but he obviously will need some rest and injuries will happen. But personally to me Theo Ratliff is not a good enough back up and Caracter is still to young and needs more development.

So in saying that do you keep Bynum around and try to get him into the rotation or do you trade him to get something? And for what?

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