Andrew Bogut to the Warriors for Monta Ellis

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Biedrins, Boget and Lee make

32 million dollars next year. Biedrins would get amnestied but they did Charlie Bell last summer. I would have given Monta a way for nothing if someone took Biedrins.

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This is a perfect trade for

This is a perfect trade for both teams... idk why everyone is questioning it.

Warriors- have an elite level frontcourt with lee and bogut and it opens room for curry to run the team and klay thompson to get his opportunity to shine at the 2

Bucks- Bogut didnt play almost all year and they are tied for 8th in the east right now so adding ellis for basically nothing (2 players that havent played in months) is a no brainer to boost their playoff chances.

Also, brandon jennings this season has been forced to single handedly carry the scoring load and they basically lose every game he doesnt deliver. so ellis shares the load now and gives them the offense they need from their weakest position (sg) when bj is at pg, and they already play bj off the ball half the time this year so that fits perfect with ellis' combo guard style as well

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i have to strongly disagree

i have to strongly disagree with most of you guys on this one...

since Skiles has been the coach of the Bucks, they have been one of the best defensive teams, and one of the worst offensive teams...Bogut really hasnt even played much this year and they are one win from the playoffs...and so they add one of the top scorers in the NBA...this is exactly what they need to score more, and not really lose much (considering Bogut has barely played)...this might keep Jennings in a bucks uniform (it wouldve kept Dwight in Orlando), it might get them in the playoffs, and if it doesnt work they can flip Monta in this upcoming draft for some picks...

its also not bad for GSW because they add a big, which they have not had in awhile, and you need a big to win (especially in the West)...if Bogut doesnt work out, then they are back where they started with Monta anyways...

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Forget tank mode, we gonna

Forget tank mode, we gonna party like it's 2007 again!

I watched the whole game against the Kings today, and albiet it was the Kings, we played AMAZING today.

There was so much more ball movement and off and on ball screens, it was crazy. Nate Robinson can flat out BALL in this league. It'll be tough for him to get minutes with Curry back, but he is a great spar k adn energy guy and runs our offense beautifully.

Klay had a rough game today, believe he was 6-19, but the talent is there, coming into today, he was shooting better from three than he was from two, lol. Great potential for the future, and although his defense needs work, he has good size and length, and he along with Curry, Wright, Rush(on fire today) should be a nightmare trying to guard on the perimeter as far as threes go.

We ran our offense through Lee, and it worked to perfection. Lee can take his man one-on-one in the post, and if the double comes, he'll find the open man whether it be at the basket(Beidrins got a couple easy baskets today, hopefully he'll get his confidence back) or our shooters outside.

A little confused as to what we're gonna do with Jackson, probably buy him out or flip him somewhere else, but if he comes here motivated and focused and undistracted, he is still a threat for 13 a night.

I know it's in our best interest to tank, but to hell with it, "We Believe!"

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