Andrea Bargs

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Andrea Bargs

I dont think anything frustrates me more than his game...He could be one of the best players in the NBA if he just hustled, played defense, and shot the same way everytime...I dont know whats going through his mind sometimes...I cant tell if its physical or mental really. One minute hes a quicker Dirk, the next minute hes Pecherov.

Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of his game, but he needs some inspiration or something. Maybe Casey can light a fire up his @$$

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He's a great really good

He's a great really good offensive player, but thats all he will ever be. I highly doubt that going into his 7th year in the league that all of a sudden he's going to start rebounding, defending, and taking good shots. Its just not going to happen. I mean the guy is 7" tall and averaging 4.9 rebounds career, with a career best 6.2rpg, and 44% from the floor career. Somthing's really wrong with that.

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I think he's just not that

I think he's just not that good, the raptors should just push hard to trade him because he is not leading them nowhere, besides maybe the 10th-8th seed, which is not the place this franchise should go for.

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Although he'll never be mistaken for an above average rebounder or defender, I too hope that Casey can keep his effort level up. When he is hustling I think he he has potential as a 22 and 6 guy. His career highs of 21.4 ppg and 6.2 rpg (in separate seasons) reaffirm this potential.

He had injury problems in Casey's first season with Toronto, but Bargnani did show better hustle while healthy under Casey. He just needs the right front court partner to maximize his effectiveness. Maybe in time Valanciunas can be that front court player to pair him with. But he may also run himself out of Toronto by then.

Despite his shortcomings, his scoring ability more or less justifies his current deal. Even though I agree with CodySLC about leveling expectations for a player entering his 7th year, I still hope for some improvement under a full year with coach Casey. Realistically, he can still be a poor mans Dirk. But patience in Toronto is wearing thin to say the least.

One positive; the Raptors were a much better team with him in the lineup than without.

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Bargs was looking very good

Bargs was looking very good under Dwayne Casey until he got hurt last year. He was actually playing D and trying to rebound, hes like Dirk hes a 7 footer but hes mot a center which hes been playin majority of hos career at. So as a raptors fan I will give this season as his final chance to show he can be a franchise player, if not we have Derozan, Lowry, Valanciunas, and Ross to build around so I won't be sad to see him go

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The problem

with Andrea is that he has SGs game and his height is really a bad thing for him..i think people need to realize that he will never be good rebounder and defender,he likes to shoot and play on perimeter but coaches are putting him at pf/c because tbh what you should do with 7 footer...He has shooters mentality but centers height...

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Hopefully with Valanciunas

Hopefully with Valanciunas alongside him he can play the more finesse role he is better suited to at PF. I agree with all the guys above, he is not a C but has been used there most of his career, when Bosh was the franchise player at PF then this made sense but now I think they need to play Bargs in his best position or maybe even consider moving him.

He'd still have good trade value as skilled, proven 7 footers are a rare comodity and with Toronto having a lot of young talent they may decide to cash in on Bargs if the offer was good.

I've always been a fan of the guy and if Coach Casey can get some hustle into his game then he can get to All Star level hopefully.

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