Andre Drummond: HUGE kid

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Andre Drummond: HUGE kid

pretty nice read out there..

the Shaq size isn't out of question he is still only 19 and looks like 297pounds rumors was true a few months ago..

7ft 7'6 winspan and (if truth) 295 with low body percentage, this is some real SIZE for a kid

can't wait him to be more confident to use that strength and developed at least few moves

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Showed me plenty in College

I never understood how he fell. He did what I expect a big to do in college. Numbers you cant judgr big guys on in college because its guard oriented. I hope he stays healthy. If he does he is a monster. He plays grown already. Just work with Hakeem in offseason.

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From 2/20/2012 in a forum

From 2/20/2012 in a forum topic I created called: Watching Drummond's Feet

Drummond's feet-Watching UCONN/VILLA

There has been quite a few forum topics exploring why UCONN is so bad even with 2 bonifide NBA starters (next year) and a few more NBA players on the team. The problem is not Drummond I can tell you that. I have missed UCONN during this slide their on but Drummond will be a star and should be the number 1 pick. I love Davis but drummond looks as though he's lost ten pounds from the seasons beginnings. His feet are quick and he is agile and powerful. Davis's intangibles are elite but Drummond seeems to play just as unselfishly, not taking bad shots or forcing the action. Everyone projects Drummond as an Amare/Howard hybrid as far a ceilings go. His floor is high, a lot higher than his detractors feel it is. His floor is as a bigger, more athletic, better shot blocking and all around less dumb DeMarcusCousins. He is not the passer Cousins is but Cousins may be one of the best passing big men in the league, outside Gasol, Garnett and Duncan.

I may have been off, somewhat, by putting him over Davis but most feel he would undeniably be the second pick if the draft was done over. This was in February and he probably didn't average more than 8 points a game at the time. If he stayed he would be the Kyrie Irving of this draft, meaning light years better than his draft mates. It's amazing how productive he is and he doesn't even know how to play basketball, he's like the American version of one of those African players that picked up the game late, he could be dominant one day but at the very least he is an excellent energy big, who doesn't run like his feet hurt, a rare commodity.

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