Andre Drummond is the best prospect in his draft class

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Andre Drummond is the best prospect in his draft class

Sorry, Anthony Davis but I am a firm believer that Andre Drummond is just a notch better prospect than you for two reasons. 1) He is not as injury prone as you are. He doesn’t miss games left and right, whereas you are fragile. ( It is hard to imagine Davis actually playing the full 82 games ) 2) Size – Drummond is a legit 6’10 without shoes with a 270 pound frame and still has the athleticism that many players lack – even smaller ones.

Yes, I see that Anthony Davis can absolutely go off right now. I’m actually a huge fan of his. He just had a 40 21 and 3 blocks against the Celtics in OT which is an insane feat by ANYONE. But I also believe that the two couldn’t be farther apart as far as roles are concerned. Anthony Davis actually touches the ball and is featured in the offense whereas with the Pistons, you can see that only the guards control offensive end: Rodney, Will and Brandon are ball dominant, I wouldn’t go far as to say they’re ball hogs but they are a better slash/scorer than they are playmaker.

Andre was not as hyped as Greg was in HS as evidenced by the fact that at the HS level Greg Oden was considered a hall of fame, franchise changer type of talent. Whilst Andre at best could be compared to a Dwight meets Amare’ which is not bad but is nothing compared to Bill Russell etc. Let me get some things straight in HS: Their measurements are similar with some leaning towards Andre and some to Greg. I can only come up with one reason as to why Greg was so hyped compared to Andre. Their playing styles. Similar physical attributes but they’re playing styles couldn’t be more different. Greg was low post bruiser ala Shaq whereas Andre likes to play in the mid-range and get out and run in transition ala Stoudemire’. Greg was force on the defensive end, he had impeccable timing and was just as quick off the floor as Andre. Andre, on the other hand, showed inconsistent effort on the boards since it was HS, he was the best player anyway so he could get the ball anytime he wanted.

Time to focus on Andre as a prospect on his own and stop the comparisons. As mentioned, he is 270 pounds at 7 feet with shoes. It is absolutely crazy to think one can have hops and agility like that for his size. He is much bigger than Greg Oden was. I think Andre’s main weaknesses are: 1) Free throw and 2) inconsistent motor. There’s no denying that he needs to knock down his FT but I am a firm believer that he can do that. I’ve seen him shoot and just like most big men (bad FT shooters) their forms and mechanics change when they’re winded but I tell you this, I was very impressed when he gathered himself and hit a couple of free throws when the game was on the line. It shows potential and just needs repetition especially in game time condition. The inconsistent motor is the biggest knock on Andre in my opinion. When he puts his mind into it, he could absolutely out muscle most big men that are playing. He’s just that big, strong and quick off the floor. Don’t be fooled by his 5.4 offensive rebounds per game. Those are a byproduct of the Piston guards’ lack of playmaking skills. I can see him wrestle and hustle for the ball just for the chance to score. It’s THAT bad of a situation. Or good if you want him to average insane offensive rebounding numbers. Now, on to the defensive end, he doesn’t always show the same type of motor to grab rebounds or even defend. He looks lackadaisical. He also lacks the proper fundamentals in order to maximize his massive physical advantage over any big men. While big, he isn’t simply strong enough to hold his own as well. Chris Bosh, yes that twig, manage to push him off of one hand. He needs to gain more strength.

Literally all those weaknesses can be eliminated and fixed. What he has can’t be taught or corrected to some but what he doesn’t have can be taught with time and patience as well as hard work.

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