Anderson Varejao to miss remainder of 2012-13 season

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Anderson Varejao to miss remainder of 2012-13 season

Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao recently developed a blood clot (small right lower lung pulmonary embolism) and was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic last Thursday (January 17th). He is being treated with blood thinners (anticoagulants) and is expected to stay at the Clinic for several days, while undergoing treatment and observation. He will need to remain on blood thinning medication for approximately three months. While Varejao is expected to fully recover, he will miss the remainder of the current Cavaliers season.

Quote from Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant: "Clearly our players' health is our top concern and we are disappointed for Anderson, and his family. We know what a competitor he is and how much he wants to be on the court helping his teammates. In the meantime, he has our full support and we look forward to welcoming him back as he recovers."

Terrible news for a player who was having a breakthrough season, albeit on a subpar team. Wishing the best to Anderson as far as a full recovery. Have to think the Cavs will be in the running for yet another top 5 pick and will finally address the wing. Know many Cavs fans are probably hoping for Shabazz Muhammad, guess we will see how it all plays out.

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I was just about to post. lol

I was just about to post. lol

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I knew they should've traded

I knew they should've traded him while his value was high and he was healthy! If you look at his track record his last two seasons where he was doing good he ended up hurt smh the cavs could've easily flipped him for a high pick and/or a good young player

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I say the original post as a

I say the original post as a blood clot in his lung I knew it was a pulmonary embolism because of high school anatomy. Thank you ms. Dancy (hottest teacher award).

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sucks for the

sucks for the cavs...definitely wanted to see them make a trade with the thunder to grab the raptors 1rst rounder so they would have two top ten picks this year...(yeah its a weak draft, but they already have a star in kyrie and what they need are solid young guys who can become "glue guys" for the team)

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This sucks but it seems like he'll be fine

It did not seem as though Chris Grant really wanted to trade him anyway and it was widely reported that the Thunder wasn't pressed to make the deal that was talked about a lot. Besides, everybody that was reported to come back in a deal was going to cost more than Varejao or be Perkins who had 1/4 the PER he has. Perkins holds a special place in their locker room like Andy does here. It seems NBA Players are real sensitive to the trading of quality personalities from the locker room. Perk from Boston caused a uproar there and recently Conley voiced how displeased he would be if Rudy or Zach was traded. Rose always says don't trade any of my guys in Chicago.

His value won't change much, it may even go up. Look at Jeff Green, he came back from much worse and got big deal. The new CBA is tightening the purse strings of more and more teams. 14 and 14 for 8 or 9 million is a steal, ask the Pacers and the 14 million per they are paying Hibbert to put up less spectacular numbers (9 points and 8 boards). The same will happen next year when his deal is a year shorter and will contain a team option for 2014/2015. That's less risk and more reward for a potential partner in a trade because they can decline the option creating cap space, pick it up if he is still overplaying the contract or always pick it up and trade him as an expiring deal during that season.

All you heard was teams wanting Andy because he plays at a level above his pay grade which is rare for big's in the League nowadays. I think teams will be happy about about trading for Andy next year if he's getting 15 and 11 or 12 every game. His mid range has improved greatly and compared to a team paying Pekovic 12 million a year, Jefferson 13+, Bynum maybe the max(?) and or getting Gasol in a trade for 19 million, Andy will still be seen as a steal for 8 million, especially with a 22 PER.

I always say never trade from more incoming millions owed than points per game gained. Guys that make more millions than ppg or their PER, is not a great asset.

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Its not that bad for the Cavs

Its not that bad for the Cavs or his trade value - he is still under contract at a bargain price for 2 more years. It also means the Cavs will surely end with a top 3 pick and accelerate the rebuild.

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The main thing is that

The main thing is that Varejao gets himself healthy in the long term as this is a serious health issue. That wonderful world hindsight comes into play here and if the Cavs could have traded him then they would have been sat pretty now. At least Varejao getting injured has not affected a contender's title hopes and at worse Cleveland get a higher draft pick now.

The Cav's problem now could be if they look to trade Varejao in the future would injury concerns outweigh the good value on his contract.

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I thought the you should of

I thought the you should of traded him years ago because he has always been a guy that would brought in legit piecea to build around and the Cavs have been needing spare parts since before Bron bolted.

When Andy got off to the great start he did Grant should of jumped all over a trade.

But this is a positive for Tristan Thompson who has been playing his tail off recently and never meshed wit Andy. I still dont understand why TT isnt blocking more shots but I think him and Waiters have really proved they deserved to be top 5 picks and were far from reaches.

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