And1 in China.

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And1 in China.

This has actually happened to me at the park. A guy I was playing against was trying to be really fancy, which is cool, I don't have any issues with that. But when he tossed the ball right on my four head hard, that crossed the line for me, I got heated grabbed him and pushed him down.

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And1 is still around, I had

And1 is still around, I had no idea. I laugh at people when they try to dance with the basketball like that. Prove you can shoot then I'll guard your "Step Up" impressions.

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When defending people like

When defending people like this I just give them space and watch there chest not the ball lots of them cannot shoot. Haha ive tried off the forehead and hit a guy in the nose... never again.

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I wouldn't appreciate getting

I wouldn't appreciate getting hit on the head but if I was playing against an And-1 team, I think I know what I'm getting myself into.

I'm sure The Professor's opponent knew getting hit on the head with the ball was a real possibility while playing in this game, so I'm not sure why he's upset.

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Whatever happened to Hotsauce

Whatever happened to Hotsauce

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