and the number 2 pick in the draft if you had any doubt...Turner

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and the number 2 pick in the draft if you had any doubt...Turner

the 76's give a sneak peak at their pick in the draft.
This could be a trick but I got a strong feeling Turner is the pick.

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Yea that photo proves nothing

Yea that photo proves nothing lol....But Turner is probably gonna be the pick, and I won't complain.

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seen it earlier but didnt

seen it earlier but didnt bother putting it up
The image above appeared on a page on the Philadelphia 76ers' official website Friday afternoon under a title which read "Sixers draft Evan Turner." Michael Levin of 76ers blog Liberty Ballers tweeted the link before 2:30 PM ET. The address for the page was simple: Similarly constructed URLs for Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins registered with errors, meaning the Sixers didn't just create these pages for a bunch of top prospects.

There have been pretty clear indications Turner, the Ohio State wing who was the near-consensus best player in college ball this year, would be Philadelphia's pick at No. 2, but nothing as obvious as this. The page appears to be a readymade splash page to take over the Sixers' site after the second pick is named by David Stern on June 24.

Many teams using breaking news (with ticket package pitches, of course) as a splash page in front of the normal home page. It appears the Sixers' web team got an early start, and someone apparently let it go live.

UPDATE, 3:30 PM: The Sixers have removed the image from the page. The page is now just a blank black page with the subject line "Sixers draft Evan Turner." At the same time, the Sixers website now has blank black pages with the subjects and appropriate URLs for Cousins and Favors. This is straight-up CYA posturing -- those pages were not live when the Turner one was first found. We tested them.

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