Up and down!!!

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Up and down!!!

I started this game a day or 2 ago.. I will restate the point of the topic. I will chose a player from the mokckdraft here. Your job is to tell me if you think the player will go higher or lower than the Mock Draft has them here.

Today #2 Kyrie Irving... Lets hear some opinions!!!

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hmmm most probably won't

hmmm most probably won't agree with me but down..

both Jones,Sully,Kanter and offcourse still Harrison Barnes i think two of them will be higher than Kyrie..yes he is super talented but with so much pg prospects in recent years Kyrie doesn't look such a phenom like Wall Rose

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Down but I think only because

Down but I think only because of the injury

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I believe it or not..But

I believe it or not..But actually i'm hearing he's the number 1 pick ...Scouts say his injury isnt serious and compare his situation to that of Kenyon Martin the year he broke his leg and still became the 1st pick...

But the more i see Terrance Jones play ,the more i'm loving his game...But there is also something missing from his game..I dont know what it is yet...

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