Up and Down

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Up and Down

Sorry, duplicate topic. My bad.

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Risers Ekpe Udoh-His shot

Ekpe Udoh-His shot blocking skills will push him high. Should be higher than mid first round. Could rise from 16 -9
Eric Bledsoe- I think he is more talented than White is, so I think he will rise instead of White. Could rise from early 2nd to mid first.
Quincy Pondexter-I am more high on Pondexter than I am on Hobson. He had a promise before the combine even started so he could rise from early second to late first but first round for sure.
Paul George- was a projected lottery pick at the beginning of the season but slipped a bit during the season. Still feel he has the talent to go in the lottery. had a very strong showing at the combine so he should rise from mid first to late lotto.
Luke Babbit- Teams like his versatility so he could rise from mid first to late lotto as well. I hear that the Grizz are high on him and are considering him as a replacement for Gay who could leave in the offseason.
Hassan Whiteside- Right now he is projected as a late lotto pick, but with the Pistons needing a Center and Cousins likely not being available at 7, Whiteside could be reached for at 7. They could also pick Aldich but I heard that Dumars is not too high on him.

Free Falls
Avery Bradley-late lotto- late first (too small for the 2 guard yet passing skills are horrid so he can't play the point, had a horrible freshman year)
Solomon Alabi- mid first round to last first, early second. (is compared to Saer Sene

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