Amir Johnson for Fabricio Oberto a good trade.

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Amir Johnson for Fabricio Oberto a good trade.

I think this is a horrible trade Amir is young a he not going to be a All Star, but if Detroit gave him 15-18 minutes a game he could probably put up numbers. Fabricio Oberto is old and Can't do any better than Amir Johnson.

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amir johnson averaged 14.7

amir johnson averaged 14.7 minutes a game and didn't do jack.

and this is what insider is saying about oberto.

The Detroit Pistons are expected to waive Fabricio Oberto, who they acquired in a trade on Tuesday, before July 1, when his contract become fully guaranteed.
He can re-sign with the Spurs this summer, however, Herb Rudoy, Oberto's agent told the San Antonio Express-News that it was premature to speculate whether his client would return to San Antonio, but he wouldn't rule it out.

basically, this trade was for cap relief for the pistons.

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I called that. The whole

I called that. The whole Oberto being waived and going back to SA. I should be a GM in this league.

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Not that bad

The Pistons are tired of waiting for Amir Johnson. They tried to give him minutes last season and committed to him early on but he fouled too much. Look at his game logs, he'd pick up 5 fouls in 11 minutes of play
The Pistons made the trade because Oberto will be bought out and they'll save money that way. That'll give them more flexibility this free agency to sign players and make moves

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Well, Oberto is not going to

Well, Oberto is not going to stay with Detroit, they are going to waive him to save some cap space and find more bodies

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