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Wondering about his potential, role etc. I watched the Pelicans game and I was impressed by his handling, I mean he's not Kyrie or anything, but for a guy with his size and length he looked good. He took Frye of the baseline dribble for the lay-up and had a nice size up dribble from the top of the key to hit an 18 footer.

I think he's generally though of as a bust or at least a reach but I think with improved offence he might be turning into a nice 3rd - 4th option, do everything kind of guy. Certainly the D is already there but wondering what people think his ceiling is? somewhere between Marvin Williams and a poor-man's Deng?

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at this point he is who is

at this point he is who is is. He's in his fourth year and I don't really expect any big leaps from him. He's really good in transition and in a run-n-gun offense, but he is terrible in the half-court and can't shoot to well.

He is a decent defender, slasher, and runs the floor in transition well, but other than that he's not too great. He's a good energy guy but really isn't anymore than a role player, probably a 4th option.

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He just can't shoot, it's very frustrating having him not be able to space the floor for us. On the other-hand his length is probably his biggest asset right now. It help him rebound and disrupt people on D.
Potential - Role player on playoff team.

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I and the rest of the real gm

I and the rest of the real gm Clipper fan base still won't forgive the Clippers for drafting him over Paul George. Literally everyone wanted Paul George over him.

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He's a great rebounder for

He's a great rebounder for his position and I think he's a good glue guy now, and I think even as he progresses, he'll still be a role player who provides length, rebounding, and defense at the SF spot. Last year, he averaged 1.8 offensive rebounds per game in only 27.7 mpg as a 3 spot which is really a pretty impressive stat IMO.

I agree with delfam in thinking he's a 4th option type player. I just can't see him having plays run for him on a regular basis, but he does enough right to get on the court and help his team with the little things. I think his ceiling is Gerald Wallace without the offense. Maybe 10 ppg 9 rpg 1.5 spg 1 bpg in his peak.

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He's too much of a tweener to

He's too much of a tweener to ever live up to his draft position.'s comparisons were pretty spot on if you look at his profile

Even though he's long and athletic, he just doesn't have the bulk to guard most power forwards in the NBA. He is a high-character guy who you want to like, but he will never be anything more than a role-player.

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