American Athletic Conference

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American Athletic Conference

So, the "Big East Football schools" have named their own conference:

and the American Athletic Conference is still looking like a pretty solid basketball league. Louisville, Rutgers, Central Florida, Temple, Houston, Memphis, SMU, Cincinnati, UConn and South Florida are the members for next year, and ECU, Tulane, and Tulsa replace Louisville and Rutgers in 2014. Obviously, there won't be much parity in basketball, at least, for this conference, with Memphis, Cincy, UConn, and Temple (and Louisville, for a year) on one end, and teams like, well, basically the rest of the CUSA schools except for maybe UCF and Houston on the other end of the spectrum, but it should still send a good 4 or 5 teams to the dance every year. Where do you think this conference would rank if conference realignment had happened for this season? (let's leave louisville and Rutgers in the AAC for now)

1) Big Ten
2) ACC (Includes Syracuse, Pitt, and Notre Dame)
3) Big East (with the Catholic 7, Butler, Creighton, and Xavier)
4) Big 12
5) AAC
6) Mountain West
7) Pac 12
8) SEC
9) Atlantic 10 (won't have Butler, Temple, or Xavier)

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I'd have it

1) Big Ten
2) ACC (Includes Syracuse, Pitt, and Notre Dame)
4) Big East (with the Catholic 7, Butler, Creighton, and Xavier)
5) AAC(4 good: Cincy, Temple, Memphis, UConn)
6) Big 12 (Kansas and K-state only)
7) Atlantic 10 (St.Louis)
8) SEC
9) Pac12(did good 1st round of tourney but every team still underachieved during the season)

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I thought they were called

I thought they were called the America 12?

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That was one of the names

That was one of the names they came up with....

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If everyone that is supposed

If everyone that is supposed to stay after next year really does stay, it should be a good conference. U Conn, Cincy, Memphis, and Temple are always solid. Houston, South Florida, and Central Florida should be solid too. Tulsa is also pretty good.

I wish that Louisville would stay, but the Memphis - Cincy rivalry was great back in the Nineties.

I think our league should try to get VCU or Wichita State.

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