Amazing article on His Airness

i'm jus so offended
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Amazing article on His Airness

Ang Puti Lalaki
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As A Jazz Fan

He Pushed Off!, I know it has been a decade and a half,
and I am not Bitter
I can let it go any time I want!!!!!!!!!!!

Lebron's Hairline
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I'm no jazz fan but I have to

I'm no jazz fan but I have to agree, we watched MJ highlights last year before basketball practice and when that highlight showed the whole team screamed pushoff!

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If it were LeBron

They would have called a foul on Russell, and when Sloan complained he would have gotten a technical and thrown out of the game.

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The 218 stuff was really

The 218 stuff was really cool.

Moon River
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Has anyone heard that Lebron stuff before (shoots when he goes left and drives when he goes right)? Interesting and curious to see if LBJ was already aware of this tendency and if he adjusts.

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