Amath M'Baye in the 2nd Round?

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Amath M'Baye in the 2nd Round?

I know mocks at this point are just rotating big boards, and not to be too critical, but why is Amath M'Baye even listed as a top 60 NBA prospect? Yes, he's an athletic 6'9'', but as a very average starting caliber player, for a slightly above average team, why would he even declare?

I'm not an expert on Oklahoma, but I do watch them a handful of games every year, and he was not impressive in any of those games. In fact, against top 25 teams ( 2 vs Kansas, 2 vs KSU, 2 vs OSU and Gonzaga) this season he's below his season averages at 9.2 ppg on 38% shooting as a combo forward.

Yes, the guy is 6'9'' and athletic, but he's a 23 year old tweener forward (lacking ballhandling), an average producer and a very average player to watch on the floor, last night being another example of this.

I think Osby is probably is a better pro prospect and I feel he's probably an undrafted player. What is the draw besides some athletic ability he sparcely uses?

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