Amare to the Hawks?

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Amare to the Hawks?

Stoudemire is the perfect fit for this Hawks roster. Hawks GM Rick Sund has made almost all the right moves this summer (I would have taken Eric Maynor instead of Jeff Teague). He kept the core group of Hawks together without destroying the payroll. But, the Hawks still are a middle of the pack team in an improving Eastern Conference.

Sund needs to trade for Amare. Trading for Stoudemire would elevate this team into the conversation for an Eastern Conference title. Forget about the money and Stoudemire’s player option after next year. The Hawks can do a deal with the Suns for the Joshes.

Let’s dream a little dream for 2010. Why does getting Stoudemire makes sense for the Hawks?

From day one, Stoudemire gives you a low post scoring presence that demands a double team. I watched this guy destroy the Hawks in the post last year in a mid-season game in Philips Arena.

His short jump hook from the left block is a devastating move. Plus, he has counter moves and can score with either hand around the basket.

For his career, Stoudemire averages more than 20 points a game, but he does not demand a large number of shots. He averages about 14-15 shots per game. One of the weakest areas for the Hawks in the playoffs against the Cavs was their lack of offensive execution.

The Hawks just do not have great set plays.

Stoudemire solves that dilemma. You can isolate him on the block, run the high screen and roll with Al Horford coming from low post to high post, or Stoudemire can screen and pop for a patented 20 foot jump shot or a dump down to Horford on the block.

Defensively, Stoudemire is only serviceable in the post, but he is long and blocks shots around the rim. The best part of his game for the Hawks will be the rebounding. He grabs over 8 boards a game in his career.

That means the Hawks would have Horford and Stoudemire averaging almost 20 boards a game from the starting bigs.

Plus, Horford is going to guard the other team’s best player in screen and roll situations. Stoudemire can stay closer to the rim and clog up the lane.

Looking at next 2010, the Hawks would have a two-man post defensive tandem to guard Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace, Shaq and Anderson Varejao, and Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass.
I even might take Stoudemire and Horford over those other tandems.

Off the court, acquiring Stoudemire means a ton to the Hawks in attendance. Atlanta was 20th in the NBA in attendance in 2008-2009. Philips Arena was at about 88 percent capacity on average. Stoudemire would pay for himself in increased attendance, parking revenue, marketing revenue, and general hype in this city.

Every night? I know Stoudemire is often injured. Reports are he had surgery this week on his damaged eye from last year.

In his 7 seasons in the NBA, he has only played full seasons 4 times. It is a concern, but when he is healthy Stoudemire is a 1st or 2nd team All NBA player. Hawks have no one else at that level.

For Stoudemire, being traded to Atlanta gives him the opportunity he has craved. Stoudemire immediately becomes the face of the franchise in Atlanta. He no longer lingers somewhat in Steve Nash’s shadow.

Also, he would be a soothing and funny presence in the locker room.

He takes all the pressure of Joe Johnson. JJ can just show up for all 82 games and play hard without having to worry about all of this ridiculous “Joe is not a leader talk”. Joe Johnson is a warrior. He comes to play every night.

If Stoudemire is a Hawk, here are projected rotations for the top teams in the East:

Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace

Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass, Dwight Howard

Moe Williams, Delonte West, LeBron James, Anderson Varejao, Shaquille O'Neal

Mike Bibby, JJ, Marvin Williams, Stoudemire, Horford, Jamal Crawford

On paper, the Hawks match up very well with all of these teams. You think Shaq wants to guard Stoudemire in the pick and roll? Jamal Crawford looks to be one of the best guards off the bench in the entire NBA.

In recent NBA playoff history, I would much rather have Joe Johnson than Vince Carter.

In Stoudemire, Horford, and Zaza Pachulia the Hawks have three guys that can try to guard Dwight Howard.

For Atlanta Hawks fans, the days / deadlines to watch for this are July 15th and August 1st. To make this deal happen, the Hawks are going to have to sign Josh Childress somehow. I think if J-Chill thought he was going to Phoenix he would sign today.

Secondly, after August 1st, the Hawks are able to trade Josh Smith without his consent to the trade. Hawks fans, can you imagine waking up in early August with Amare Stoudemire on your door step? It can’t hurt to dream.

I just copy & pasted this article...pretty interesting.

Josh Childress & Josh Smith traded for Amare? I like that idea personally.

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I like the idea but i dunno

I like the idea but i dunno if Stats would sign a extension to stay past 2010

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I wouldnt mind

Amare for Josh Smith is a great move for the Hawks. I think they will be a top 3 team in the East. Allows Horford to play the 4, Amare to play the 5, and Pachulia to play his role and be a good backup big man. One time I remember watching Pheonix, and Amare looked like he was going to dunk the ball and Pachulia at the same time. We have to have that. Joe Johnson "not a leader" talk has more to do with him being very quiet and not all that aggressive. He has the ability to shoot,pass,drive and defend that allow him to take over games methodically. This would make me very happy

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great move if it goes down!!....

hawks have done a great job the past couple years..i like jef teauge he is the next monta ellis drafting eric mayor you know wha u gonna get but teauge ceiling is much higher with the 19th pick you can gamble like that....i say package both josh's and a first rounder !!......

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I liked where you were going till you mention defense for Amare

Amare don't play D, AT ALL... His pick n roll defense is the worse I've seen for a Big Man. He's lost more on defense than what Mike Beasley was beginning of his rookie year... ESPN even did their famous "light him up" on Amare showing his lack of D. While Josh Smith gave KG all he want on the defensive end... I'm NOT saying Josh Smith is better than Amare, but he IS better than him defensively. It sounds great for both sides, but I think the Suns are trying to shed Amare for young talent AND cap relief. Getting Josh Smith isn't both because he makes 10 mil a year (but it does give them something since Amare is a FA next year). But I'm sure the Hawks would jump all over on that trade, but not for defensive reasons you're saying.....

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that would be a good move

that would be a good move for them.

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And rebounding?

LOL... That's one of his worst attributes... His rebounding rate is one of the worst for starting PF. Not to mention when Marion was there he average more rebounds than Amare. Not to mention the Suns and the teams versus them jack up ALOT of shots during a game. That 8 rebounds is a little inflated... And still not enough given the amount of shots going up and his physical tools... Amare is lazy when it comes to defense and rebounding. I wrote a thread on Amare the beginning of last season. How OVERRATED he is... He wants to be the #1 option on the team, but not willing to do everything it takes to get there. He would have benefitted from being on Team USA this past summer... With EVERY player on that team improved this year in the NBA season.

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That would be a great move,

That would be a great move, but do Hawks still own rights to Childress?

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They own the rights to him

They own the rights to him as he is a restricted free agent and i think he would do this deal to play for the Suns and steve nash. I dont know if the Sun would do this move now because Josh Smith is more defense than offense and they need Amare's offense. I guess if Atlanta gives up a first rounder, Suns would bite. Atlanta does not do well with their own draft picks so this would be a good move for them.

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Best offensive big men in da game...that's all, that's amaré.
give him a biedrins, chandler, camby, dalembert he is the best offensive him as a center, he 's the best offensive far.
U'll speak about dirk, i'll say he takes 20 shots a game...stat 14 last season, 15 FGA 2 years ago when he was over 25 PPG...
When he can't play his game because of a rejuvenated big cactus, a mid tempo(a no tempo under porter), playing ala LaMarcus aldridge(it's not his game), when he's lazy as hell and got preseason's injuries(as always, first finger in the eye by boris diaw, + dislocated pinky)...when he's ugly as possible, he puts 54% FG, 83%FT, so many bigs, all star bigs are under 50, sometimes 48 FG%.
2 years ago lebron was easily behind him in PER(48 mins), a season where lebron was the 3rd player to put more than 30-7-7 in the history of the league.
If he's healthy, if he stays a sun, if he only takes 17 FG a game(20 playaz will take more than him), no doubt he's a 26-27...9,5-10...2...1...2 guy, so OVERRATED maybe, but who could do this ???.
Who puts 15-15 when he plays perk' without KG and powe, or when he plays gasol-bynum, that's not OVERRATED too, superman, oh sorry the 2nd superman(we all knows the true), D12 is at best a half Zo-bigben or deke defensively but win DPOY...
Everybody's overrated.... excepted ma'mens B-scal and matt bonner.
@gatorheels, should be the perfect fit for him to play with guys like Al and zaza, he needs that to be at his best, like D12 needs fakes PF ala rashard lewis and his 5 boards a game, to shine.

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