Amare assigned to the D-league

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Amare assigned to the D-league

Quite an unexpected assignment to the D-league Erie Bayhawks team - Amare Stoudamire.
Does this show how far the D-league has come or is it a kind of poke at Amare by the Knicks?

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Where your link to kind of

Where your link to kind of info

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Sound funny to me

I think they are putting him there for now trying to find a trade piece for him

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Why would the Knicks trade

Why would the Knicks trade Amare?

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They are 18-6 without him,

They are 18-6 without him, he's injury prone, he costs a lot and even when he has been healthy he hasn't looked like the old Amare and never really looked like he fit in with Melo. Should they trade him? I wouldn't just yet. But they definitely have good reasons for doing so

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The Knicks are better without

The Knicks are better without him

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Why would any team trade FOR

Why would any team trade FOR Amar'e?

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But we're just talking about practice.....

He is just going to practice with the team not being assigned

"The BayHawks will be practicing at New York's training facility from Tuesday through Thursday, so with the Knicks not likely to go through many full practices during that stretch, spending time with the minor league squad will allow Stoudemire a chance to begin getting his groove back.

There's no doubt STAT is the highest profile player the NBADL has seen utilize the league, even if it's simply just for practice purposes. Erie head coach Gene Cross was present at Knicks' training camp, and has had multiple conversations with New York's front office and Coach Mike Woodson about the squad's overall mentality and how the BayHawks can aid its parent squad carry that out."

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yea, I dont think he is going

yea, I dont think he is going to play any games, they just had to assign him so that he could practice with them. The knicks flew the bayhawks in so that amare could practice with them. after the three practices the knicks will probably call him up.

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he was out long and the

he was out long and the knicks are playing well so far. there is no reason to rush him back. i think hey are easing him back and the D-Leauge is a good place to do so... but i do not expect this to last very long!

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Guys make 20 million to play

Guys make 20 million to play in the D-league all the time.

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Your questions should of been who would trade for Amare and that fat contract?

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Umm ok

So whats the problem. If he goes to the D leage for a game or two it'll only be to get in game shape. You can so all the drills you want but until you actually play a game you wont be in game shape. The D league is great for that! Send a player to our D league team so he can play long minutes and it doesnt matter if ha does great or not. By time he gets a few games under his belt then bring him back up.

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Not a game, not a game... Not a game

"We talkin' 'bout practice, we talkin' 'bout practice.. practice?"

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The knicks can't trade Amare.

The knicks can't trade Amare. No one will take that contract.

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Agreed, this is an example of

Agreed, this is an example of how far the D-league has come. It seems like it makes a lot of sense and, apparently, Amare isn't insulted by spending some time there. Big stars in baseball do rehab work and get swings in the minor leagues all the time. It is no big deal. But teams wouldn't do that for D-league before this.

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