Amare and the allstar game

Amare is suffering from a sprained big toe. It sounds like he will play against the hawks but his status for the allstar game is in question. If he isnt a go for the allstar game who do you think will take his place? I would like to see someone maybe like Felton, maybe even Elton Brand. I know brand might be a long shot but he has really bounced back this season averaging like 16pp 6rpg.

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they would replace him with

they would replace him with another big most likely. I'm guessing Josh Smith. But if he is playing against the Hawks then there's zero reason to think he won't play in the Allstar game

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Well if he's out

If Amare is out and won't play in the All-Star game, look for Josh Smith to be the replacement most likely. Elton has been consistent, but not an all-star and Felton has been struggling as of late (plus the East needs size, not another ball-handler with Rose, Wade, LeBron and Rondo expected to be handling the ball a majority of the time)

It's just ashame that LaMarcus couldn't get put on the East some how. Biggest snub right now has stepped it up last 10 games with 25 ppg and 9 rbg

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Ya im guessing he will play

Ya im guessing he will play enless the injury gets worse. But if not im guessing it will be Boozer if not Josh Smith. It wont be Elton Brand.

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i dont think Boozer would get

i dont think Boozer would get in cause he was injured for a while so i think Josh Smith would actually get the spot if a big is selected

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If Josh smith gets in thats 3

If Josh smith gets in thats 3 Hawks and 4 celtics, thats half the team

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even with that toe he did a

even with that toe he did a good job

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They might only be words, but

They might only be words, but that seems like a decent description of how a winning team is born. It's not as if its as easy as Kirilenko says it, Timberwolves do it, but that attitude already seems to be sticking. There have been the first hints of success, but these players know that it goes beyond statistics or point totals, and they know that it can get better.

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''I'm excited about my game,

''I'm excited about my game, really. I feel that (Stotts') offense is tailored more to the elbow and that's what I've worked on this summer,'' Aldridge said. ''So I'm excited about showing people that I've gotten better.''

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