Am I Wrong? Need feedback

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Am I Wrong? Need feedback

Many of you have probably seen the Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon workout videos posted by CityLeagueHoops. Both videos are very impressive, especially the Zach Lavine one where he pulls out some of the nicest dunks you'll see at any level. However, something caught my eye during the Gordon video. The degree of effortless that's going into some of his dunks (barely having to jump at all) just did not seem right to me, particularly the dunks starting at 1:17 going to 1:24. Here's the link

Basically, I got into an argument with some guys youtube by saying I thought the rims might be an inch or two lower than 10 feet. I know Gordon and Lavine are two of the best athletes in the draft, but I just watched some workout videos posted by Chad Ford today of Noah Vonleh and Andrew Wiggins and they're not dunking on their hoop with anywhere close to the ease that Gordon and Lavine were able to. My argument boiled down to this:

"The thing is, these workouts are entirely orchestrated by the players agents. Millions of dollars on the line, from draft pick to draft pick, I can't see why it seems absurd that these agents wouldn't pick a gym that best highlights their clients abilities. That could even include choosing a gym with softer, more shooter friendly rims for example. It's nearly impossible to tell a 10 foot rim from one that's 9'10 if you're just looking at it. In my opinion, it would be a low risk move for an agency to do so. That agents already pull their players from events like the draft combine or the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, and sometimes refuse to allow their players to work out against other prospects, really shows to me what a large part agents play in manipulating the draft process to their clients advantage. The reason CityLeagueHoops is invited to these workouts is to give more exposure to the prospects and hopefully create some buzz for them. That's entirely what 'these' workouts are about, and what better way to do so then seeing players dunk effortlessly or put their head above the rim while doing a windmill. The large point is that this is a controlled setting designed to display the strengths of each player by putting them through drills that they've practiced and are comfortable with. This is where my cynicism comes from"

Honestly, I've been in high school gyms where I've felt the rims have been easier to dunk on so I didn't feel like this was outside the realm of possibility. I can't imagine every high school inspects their rims to such a degree of detail that they're all exactly the same height. The reaction to my opinion has been almost entirely negative lol. From one NBA draft follower to another, is this thought that preposterous? Please feel free to tell me if I'm full of shit

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I just saw the wiggins video,

I just saw the wiggins video, I'm more concerned about other skills than where a guy is dunking and if the rims are 1 or 2 inches shorter. Game tape will tell you the type of leaper some one is. Oh and wiggins seemed to be dunking fine to me. I care more about how wiggins ball handling looks and his jumpshot more than him dunking. I haven't seen the Vonleh video yet.

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Those videos are good for

Those videos are good for entertainment but not going to really help their draft stock. There are plenty of guys who have videos out there who can't make a NBA roster.

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wouldnt surprise me man. u

wouldnt surprise me man. u see guys like shabazz muhammed looking like mini lebron back in high school and then barely grazing the rim in the league lol

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So you think they lower the

So you think they lower the dleague hoops too? Shabazz can still throw it down.

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Don't think so

If they lowered the rims, it would make the players shoot horribly and would be noticeable to those that are actually there. I doubt that they would do that.

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Yea - they aren't being hired to just dunk - plenty of dunkers in the NBDL

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