Allen crabbe

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Allen crabbe

Just saw Chad ford has him going 15 in his latest mock. Aran just moved him up from 33 to 25 in his latest update and dx also has him at 25. All reports I've read from the combine was that he was one of the impressive players who really helped themselves by measuring out at 6-6 with an over 6-11 wingspan and being a solid athlete while also shooting lights out as expected.

Watching his college career, he really worked hard to become more complete and improve defensively and it accumulated in him winning the pac12 player of the year award with 18 points 6 rebounds and 3 assists. He has a quick release coming off screens and effortless NBA range. Solid mid range game with leaners and floaters. Only real knock is he doesn't have a physical presence when driving and goes up a little weak. Plus his ball handling is nothing special and he rarely beats his man if they cut off his initial move forcing him to take tough shots.

So what do you guys think and where do you have him going.

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Can anyone think of

Can anyone think of comparison for him? I was thinking Danny Green with a slightly worse handle. I dunno though.

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I like him, excellent shooter

I like him, excellent shooter a full 6'6 SG. Not great athleticism but he can score and contribute right away.

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I still see him going between

I still see him going between 18-35 but I like the Danny Green comparison. Only issue is Danny Green made his way in the NBA by playing stellar defense while Crabbe has been knocked for indifference on the defensive end of the floor. I like Crabbe but I think he need to go to the right team with the right system, the Bulls seem to be the perfect fit in my opinion.

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Can't agree with the Danny

Can't agree with the Danny Green comparison.

Mike Woodson plays more defense on the court than Crabbe does... Just ask another former Cal alum.

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Allen Cravve can shoot it,

Allen Crabbe can shoot it, but he literally plays bad defense.

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I would draft Crabbe over Muhammad, Hardaway Jr., and Caldwell-Pope. 2-3 yrs down the way, Crabbe will be the better player. Not that Hardaway and Caldwell-Pope won't, just believe Crabbe will be better. But I do believe and not sure why, I just don't think Muhammad is all that??? He didn't really show me anything at UCLA, nothing special from any other player. He had a solid year.

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The Bulls could use him at the 2-guard spot, man... I would love to see him get drafted at 20...

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