All Vancouver Grizzlies Team

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All Vancouver Grizzlies Team

Because my all Bobcats post was so popular, I've decided to create the all Vancover Grizzlies team. This franchise blows. It's even worse than the Bobcats all-team. I think this team would win 23 games (which might make the playoffs in the East this year):

PG – Mike Bibby
SG – Michael Dickerson (Greg Anthony was on the team, but he was a rookie)
SF – Shafeer Abdur-Rahim
PF – Stromile Swift (from that incredible 2000 NBA Draft)
C – Bryant Reeves

Please create your team from this franchise full of all time greats

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Close to yours, but Swift was

Close to yours, but Swift was a bum. I'd still take late career Thorpe

PG - Mike Bibby
SG - Michael Dickerson
SF - Shareef Abdur-Rahim
PF - Otis Thorpe
C - Big Country

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That was probably the worst

That was probably the worst ownership in the history of sports. I don't think Michael Heisley wanted to be in Vancouver to begin with. Those guys knew absolutely nothing about how to build a basketball team.

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Abdur- Rahim is a player I

Abdur- Rahim is a player I forgot about, but he was pretty solid and fun to watch.

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Steve Francis as a PG or SG??

Steve Francis as a PG or SG?? Remember when the Griz drafted him and he put his head down like He made the face like he was drafted in Iraq..

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Imagine how stacked the

Imagine how stacked the "All-Trailblazer Team: Injured Only" edition would be?!?! I mean at Center alone you have Walton-Oden-Bowie.i mean all three of those guys were "generational" centers (at least Bowie was pre-injury.

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