All time list, Position, Era

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All time list, Position, Era

My All time List by position and Era

Point Guard: Shooting Guard: Small Forward:

Magic Johnson Michael Jordan Larry Bird
Oscar Robertson Kobe Bryant LeBron James
John Stockton Jerry West Julius Erving
Jason Kidd Allen Iverson Elgin Baylor
Isiah Thomas George Gervin Scottie Pippen

Power Forwards: Centers:

Tim Duncan Wilt Chamberlain
Karl Malone Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Kevin Garnett Hakeem Olajuwon
Charles Barkley Shaquille O'neal
Bob Pettit Bill Russell

50's All Time Starting Lineup 60's All Time Starting Lineup

PG: Bob Cousy PG: Oscar Robertson
SG: Bill Sharman SG: Jerry West
SF: Paul Arizin SF: Elgin Baylor
PF:Bob Pettit PF: Bill Russell
C: George Mikan C: Wilt Chamberlain

70's All Time Starting Lineup 80's All Time Lineup

PG: Walt Frazier PG: Magic Johnson
SG: Pete Maravich SG: Bernard King
SF: John Havlicek SF: Larry Bird
PF: Elvin Hayes PF: Kevin McHale
C: Kareem Abdul Jabbar C: Moses Malone

90's All Time Starting Lineup 00's All Time Starting Lineup Current Lineup

PG: Tim Hardaway PG: Allen Iverson PG: Chris Paul
SG: Michael Jordan SG: Kobe Bryant SG: LeBron James
SF: Scottie Pippen SF: Tracy McGrady SF: Kevin Durant
PF: Karl Malone PF: Tim Duncan PF: Carmelo Anthony
C: Hakeem Olajuwon C: Shaquille O'neal C: Dwight Howard

cool facts i could do 3 teams with the 90's and 80's and 2 maybe 3 with the 00's... and 2 with the 70's and maybe with the 60's the 50's not that good of a team lol... of all eras i love all the PG, SG, SF, PF and C we learn how to love of every era, guys like... i didn't want to repeat some players, like Kobe i want to put him in the 00's not the current just the way to make like a tournament or choosing the best team if you want i can do the second team by era if i remember all the players enjoy brothers

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