All this suns trade speculation why amare

I am a celtic fan and a bit confused by all this trade amare talk, looking at the suns team he is the last guy i would trade. The rumors a few weeks ago about ray and rondo for amare made no sense to me, he seems like your obvious building block for the future.

That being said would this series of trades work for suns fans (the exact throw in players to make salaryies work i left out)

Phoenix Gets

Ray allen
Gabe Pruit or Giddens

Celtics Get

Jason Richardson


Phoenix Gets

Brad Miller
Loul Deng

Bulls Get


This leaves phoenix with nash, miller and ray all coming off the books after next season

There lineup this season is the following

Brad Miller



Ray Allen


after next season you have amare, deng and barbosa to build around

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Do you think Ainge and Paxton are smoking the chronic

If Boston and Chicago would make those trades, Phoenix fans would be dancing in the streets.

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Good point

I really hope that Shaq goes to either the Hornets or the Bulls. That is the best scenario.
Hornets would be good too since I think having Tyson Chandler in the paint would make Amare and Nash want to stay.
I sitll think the suns should trade the #14 for Carl Landry... he is better bet than Clark or Johnson.

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