All-stars opinion

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All-stars opinion

Although it is early, would it be nice to discuss the players who will make it to the all-star game? I will take a first shot (and thus verbal hits) with my ideas, which are thus based on a combination of what I think the votes will decide (starters) and what the bench will look like (based on coaches decisions, thus more based on performance). I assumed that the votes will determine two guards and three frontcourt players (which leads to weard results for the frontcourt in the East, see below):

West - Starters (thus based on votes)
Chris Paul (LAC)
James Harden (HOU)
Kevin Durant (OKC)
Blake Griffin (LAC)
Dwight Howard (HOU)

West - Bench (thus based on coaches)
Steph Curry (GSW)
Tony Parker (SAS)
Russel Westbrook (OKC)
Kevin Love (MIN)
LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)
Andre Iguodola (GSW)
Anthony Davis (NOP)

West - 'Snubs'
Dirk Nowitzki (DAL)
Monta Ellis (DAL)
Eric Bledsoe (PHX)
Damien Lillard (POR)
Nicolas Batum (POR)
Ty Lawson (DEN)
Marc Gasol (MEM)

East - Starters (thus based on votes)
Dwayne Wade (MIA)
Kyrie Irving (CLE)
Paul George (IND)
Carmelo Anthony (NYK)
LeBron James (MIA)

East - Bench (thus based on coaches)
Jeff Teague (ATL)
John Wall (WAS)
Luol Deng (CHI)
Josh Smith (DET)
Al Horford (ATL)
Roy Hibbert (IND)
Brook Lopez (BKN)

East - 'Snubs'
Derick Rose (might make it based on votes)
Chris Bosh
Joe Johnson
Joakim Noah
Bradley Beal
Michael Carter-Williams
Andre Drummond
Greg Monroe

Overall, looking at the all star teams further confirms that the West has way more above-average players than the East, with especially the population of guards really weak in the East. I could not think of another G which would deserve a spot on the roster. Comparing this to the West where I had to keep Ellis, Bledsoe and Lillard of the roster, shows that the balance between both conferences in terms of talent is very unequal.

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Not sure what Josh Smith has

Not sure what Josh Smith has done to deserve being an All-Star.

Arron Afflalo, Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner should at least be "snubs" in the East, especially over someone like Joe Johnson who is off to a terrible start (13.5 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.5 APG)

Also despite his team's record Demarcus Cousins should be a "snub" in the West, centers who average 21.7 PPG, 10.7 RPG, 1.8 SPG and 1.3 BPG don't come along too often these days.

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Arron Affalo is having a breakout season however he does not deserve to be an All Star (based on team records). Evan Turner is deserving of an all star spot (same for MCW but i doubt he'll make due to being a rookie snub)

As for Josh Smith, I would replace him with Monroe. Monroe has done more to help The Pistons win games. Can make a case for Drummond too.

Brook Lopez def. does not deserve to be an All Star due to teams record. I would place Milsap instead of Lopez. Can make a case for Rudy gay as well.

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The East has been a joke so

The East has been a joke so far. No player should be snubbed right now because of their team's record.

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a maverick has to be on the

a maverick has to be on the team. im guessing dirk for iggy.

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Monta Ellis should make it

Monta Ellis should make it IMO. He is averaging 23.4 ppg on 50% shooting from the field. This is the best season of his career thus far and he is doing it on a winning team. Klay Thompson is also averaging 21 ppg on 51% from the field and 48% from down town and deserves serious consideration. Kevin Martin is also having a good year, though not as efficient as Ellis or Thompson. They are the three best SGs behind Harden in the West (not including Kobe), and it would be silly for the West team to have four point guards and just one shooting guard.

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Outside of their small

Outside of their small forwards, the East really sucks!

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you have roy hibbert....... lol

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Yea I don't get iggy making it. And I feel like here will be more than one blazer on the team. If anything I would really like to see Anthony Davis or KLove start in either Dwight or Blake's place

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From POR, I saw no other

From POR, I saw no other players making it (maybe Batum in place of Iggy), thus only one. Looking at team record for that matter, the Spurs also deserve more than one all star but like POR they just have a good team (not more than one star players).

Regarding to Afflalo, yes, he should at least deserve to be a snub, maybe even make it to the Allstar game in place of Wall.

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