All-Star Ladder 11/9

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All-Star Ladder 11/9

Each week I'll put a ladder up projecting the all-stars as of the current day... It'll be ever revolving and dependent on factors like fan popularity, overall production and team record.

See week 1 (10/27):
See week 2 (11/2):



G - John Wall, WAS

G - Kyrie Irving, BOS

F - Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL

F - LeBron James, CLE

F - Kristaps Porzingis, NYK


G - Bradley Beal, WAS

G - Ben Simmons, PHI

G - DeMar DeRozan, TOR

F - Evan Fournier, ORL

F/C - Al Horford, BOS

C - Andre Drummond, DET

C - Joel Embiid, PHI

next 12 in line

G - Goran Dragic, MIA

G - D'Angelo Russell, BKN

G - Kemba Walker, CHA

G - Victor Oladipo, IND

G/F - Khris Middleton, MIL

F - Kevin Love, CLE

F - Tobias Harris, DET

F - Otto Porter, Jr., WAS

F - Aaron Gordon, ORL

C - Nikola Vucevic, ORL

C - Hassan Whiteside, MIA

C - Dwight Howard, CHA


G - James Harden, HOU

G - Stephen Curry, GS

F - Kevin Durant, GS

F - Anthony Davis, NOP

C - DeMarcus Cousins, NOP


G - Russell Westbrook, OKC

G - Eric Gordon, HOU

G - Damian Lillard, POR

F - LaMarcus Aldridge, SA

F - Blake Griffin, LAC

C - Karl-Anthony Towns, MIN

C - Marc Gasol, MEM

next 12 in line

G - Devin Booker, PHX

G - C.J. McCollum, POR

G - Klay Thompson, GS

G - Mike Conley, MEM

F - Carmelo Anthony, OKC

F - Paul George, OKC

F - Jimmy Butler, MIN

F - Draymond Green, GS

C - Clint Capela, HOU

C - Nikola Jokic, DEN

C - DeAndre Jordan, LAC

C - Rudy Gobert, UTA

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So how exactly is this

So how exactly is this working this year? I understand that teams being selected in the same format and positional rules, then all players will get pooled into a group for captains to pick from. Is that right? If that's the case, why have positions at all if a captain just chooses 12 guards?

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I don't think any team

I don't think any team deserves more than 2 All Stars this year. Unless the Warriors get Klay Thompson in, too, although I wouldn't be upset if a new player made it.

Philly might get 2 and that might not be a shocker.

The Celtics could get 2. Or, maybe the Wiz with Wall and Beal. If the Wizards get 2 in then Kyrie Irving might be the only Celtic making the All Star squad.

Andre Drummond is averaging 14 and 14. I think he will be in.

Kemba or Oladipo could get in over Horford.

I am not sure Kawhi Leonard makes the West squad even if he comes back and averages 20 and 7 right out of the gate. I think his minutes will be limited, at least at first, so I don't see him going for 30 and 9 every night.

What are the odds that Russell Westbrook doesn't make it? Would probably be a shocker, but his points are way down, he is not efficient, and his team is really struggling.

Klay and Mike Conley aren't locks but maybe they get rewarded.

Draymond Green, Jokic, DeAndre Jordan, and some other guys are playing well for teams that are better than OKC, although at the end of the day Russ probably gets in. He might be a "lock" but not a LOCK.

If they want to tweak the All Star Game, why don't they expand rosters to 13, and then each team in the top 8 in either conference has to have at least ONE All Star.

The West (and East) could come down to injuries. What if Russ misses 5 games here. 7 games there. Fewer 40 plus point nights. Fewer triple doubles. Then, for Golden State, Klay Thompson catches fire for extended stretches (or weeks). What if Draymond Green strings together a few triple doubles, cuts down on the technical fouls, and plays lock down defense in some critical litmus-test games. I think they get the benefit of the doubt... and if the Warriors get 4 guys in (or the Grizzlies, T Wolves, or Clippers get 2 players in) then someone loses.

If I were ranking the West guys now, I might have 4 or 5 bench guys ahead of Russ. I think I might put another guy in there over Eric Gordon (although Gordon is a key piece for Houston). Could be a toss up between Gordon and Klay Thompson for the last West spot.

Westbrook DOES fill out the rest of the stat sheet (outside of points) but maybe in the way that Lonzo Ball fills out the rest of the stat sheet. And, I don't see Lonzo getting much credit for getting a solid number of assists and rebounds per game. For him, it is all about shooting, percentages, and efficiency.

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