All NBA Announced

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All NBA Announced

1st Team:

G Russell Westbrook

G James Harden

F LeBron James

F Kawhi Leonard

C Anthony Davis

2nd Team:

G Steph Curry

G Isaiah Thomas

F Kevin Durant

F Giannis Antetokounmpo

C Rudy Gobert

3rd Team:

G John Wall

G DeMar Derozan

F Jimmy Butler

F Draymond Green

C DeAndre Jordan

Thoughts?? This of course means no super max deals for PG or Hayward

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Initial thought is we will

Initial thought is we will definitely see one of those twos wearing a Celtic jersey next season.

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I'm betting on Hayward

I'm betting on Hayward

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Seems to be alright to me.

Seems to be alright to me. Glad Russ and Harden made it over Curry. Gobert on 2nd team is a bit surprising but also deserving on 2nd thought. Also like that DeRozan made it over Thompson who wasn't an All NBA player this year. My biggest issue is Draymond on the 3rd team. Offensively he is not All NBA to me. While I also think PG wasn't All NBA this year cause he just wasn't much of a different maker this season I would have picked him over Green.

Interesting that AD is first team and Boogie is nowhere...

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what does anthony davis do on

what does anthony davis do on the 1st team?

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He did nothing this year.

He did nothing this year. Doesn't deserve first team.

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How is DMC not on this list. Completely ridiculous.

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I really want to know who

I really want to know who this Golden State Warriors voter was, as if you look on the vote break down someone put Curry over Westbrook for the 1st team

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I wouldn't have done it

I wouldn't have done it myself, but putting Curry over Westbrook is at least semi-defensible if you simply value winning more than voters usually do when it comes to All-NBA.

The fact that Kawhi was on the 3rd team for somebody's ballot is probably the most egregious error. That and LeBron getting a 2nd team vote.

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how the f did 1 person out of

how the f did 1 person out of 100 think Lebron wasn't a 1st team all nba this year? Pathetic.

Irving should be on that 3rd team over choke job Derozan.

Nokic should be on that 3rd team over Deandre Jordan.

You could also make the argument that Green despite his defense should not be ahead of Lamarcus Aldridge on that 3rd team either.

The nba lottery isn't rigged but this voting could be.

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Ok been waiting to post for a

Ok been waiting to post for a while, plus left my info on my other phone I'm not using and didn't think to look there for it until I needed to go in the phone for a friends phones number. NOW my post.

How does deandre Jordan keep getting so much love? I don't want to sound like a hater, I mean anyone growing like n their profession should get props, but seriously? Dude made the all star team this year IMO because there was so much talk about him missing it last year, mostly from doc. Lillard , Conley, even McCollum deserved it over him, and I lovely guys who play defense, still when he could of helped more scoring wise against the jazz in the playoffs he didn't and his free throw shooting is stillborn one of the worst in the league!

Gasol definitely deserved that all nba 3rd spot, and even white side imo deserved it more. Is it the guys who always thought the clippers had a chance in he playoffs making this happen for dj, guess what you were always wrong cp was the only guy who played on both ends, and one sided guys don't get ethnic you a chip, so don't go rewarding dj for what's you expected to happen, even though I'm just assuming lol. Still, seriously when will we get info on the criteria re voting? What matters more winning or stats? Obviously there has to be some correlation right? Still Davis on 1st like someone already mentioned, white side and gasol behind dj

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DeAndre was probably the most

DeAndre was probably the most efficient scorer in the NBA (yes, it's all dunks, but it counts), one of the top 2 or 3 rebounders in the NBA, and one of the better defensive big men in the NBA. Add in the fact that he was on a team far more successful than other deserving candidates like KAT and Jokic and significantly better than the's definitely debatable but DeAndre is pretty deserving IMO.

If Gasol weren't the worst rebounding big man in the NBA, he probably gets that 3rd team spot.

I probably would have voted Gasol personally, but I can definitely understand why others would have voted for DeAndre. I imagine KAT was also hurt by some voters considering him a PF.

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Jimmy Butler sort of snuck in

Jimmy Butler sort of snuck in there. He deserves the spot but if they put Paul, Lilliard, PG, or Irving in there instead I doubt there would be much to argue.

Hassan Whiteside got robbed. Miami just missed the playoffs barely but they were a very good team towards the end of the year. He had a better season than Jordan and while Im a supporter of Deandre and what he brings defensively he is still an oversized pylon offensively that only catches lobs.

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Paul George had a very good

Paul George had a very good season, but I don't think he was deserving. He turned it on late in the season and carried the Pacers into the playoffs, but he played a lot of uninspired basketball this season.

I think Gordon Hayward should've made it over Jimmy Butler.

Anthony Davis' numbers were off of the charts, but it didn't lead to success on the court. Something doesn't feel right seeing his name on this list.

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Snubs for me were

PG13 Cousins and Towns Lillard, They should have a 4th team

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Seriously, I wish there was a

Seriously, I wish there was a way to give these guys credit without doing something as crazy as a 4th team.

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Well this all but guarantees

Well this all but guarantees PG is going to be a Laker.

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