For all my UNC fans out there

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For all my UNC fans out there

The pain and struggle this year is beyond rough. Watching McAdoo try and take over games is too rough for my eyes to handle. Along with the play of Marcus Paige this year this duo has made me punch more than one hole in my wall. I don't see how people would even consider Mcadoo because what does he bring to an NBA team and to be considered a lotto pick?! Would someone explain this to me! It seems he shoots 30 percent every game! Cannot wait for next years class and although the chances are close to zero how about we give wiggins the world to come play for us. WE NEED HIM and Roy needs him to save his job at this point. Anyway kids i go to with at St. John's made this Harlem Shake video and if you need a good laugh like i did take a gander. They did this in a middle of their intramural game and the other team got soo heated. The fact hey named their team the Sienna Splashers makes it even better since it's named after a &$#%#[email protected]! star.
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I'm a UNC student, and don't get the hype about McAdoo. He has no business being anything but a guy off the bench in the NBA at this point. He strikes me as the "bad" kind of tweener- one who can't really play either SF or PF effectively due to either lack of athleticism to guard/beat SF's off the dribble, or guard/post-up effectively against PF's. He also is not nearly aggressive enough for someone with his ability. He way too often settles for jumpers or fade-aways on post-up's, and doesn't nearly take it to the rack enough. And even when he does, he is not a great finisher- he's missed dunks/layups so much this year, it's not even funny. He also is not a great passer...he turns the ball over doing the stupidest things on the court. I really don't see him panning out in the NBA without taking another year or two to work on all these skills. Even then, his ceiling isn't terribly high

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