For All Minnesota Vikings Fans

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For All Minnesota Vikings Fans

FINALLY! I could not wait for them to fire Brad Childress, it was killing me. I know he had a decent record and had improved every year up until this one, but the style of play in his system killed me. He vastly underutilized the strengths of his team and it was driving me absolutely crazy. I admit that I was wrong about the Randy Moss trade, and what Randy Moss did to get cut was fairly disgraceful, but the lack of communication provided by Childress made Moss seem completely sympathetic. Still could not believe how little he did with Moss on the team, and his complete lack of faith in throwing anything down field. Even though Adrian Peterson has only had Brad Childress as a coach, I am betting he will now break away from the pack as by far the best RB in football. Childress never knew how to use AD, and I do not know how the Vikings offense has been this dismal, even with Brett Favre playing horrible football. How do you not at least put in Tavaris Jackson for a few plays last game when it was a blow out, try to score on your home field? Ridiculous.

Well, I am so glad Childress is gone, this will be a major step forward for the Vikings hopefully, as they need a newer coach who can utilize the talents of explosive players such as AD and Percy Harvin. Brett Favre is obviously quite done, and while I have been less than impressed with his play this year, how can you blame him for coming back? He was not going to equal what he did last season, but the fact was that last season he was at near MVP level and he more than likely thought he would still be able to help this team compete. I definitely felt regret for him coming back and maybe had hoped he would be benched for Tavaris, but I know he is still the best QB on the Vikings, and even if Jackson was the starter and Favre had not come back, it is doubtful the Vikings would be a better team. Well, I will look forward to the future.

On another note, Michael Vick has been absolutely amazing to watch. This is such a wide open season for the NFL, and so many teams have a chance. I was very wrong about the Pats, their offense may not be as explosive, but Bill Belichick runs an amazing organization, did a fantastic job drafting and signing people into the offense, and Tom Brady is the MVP front runner bar none. The only person you might have ranked ahead of Brady would be Vick, but due to his injuries and the Pats NFL best record, it has to be Brady. Here are my play-off predicts at this point of the season:


New England Patriots (Bye)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Bye)

Indianapolis Colts

San Diego Chargers

New York Jets (Wildcard)

Baltimore Ravens (Wildcard)-Both wildcards would be heavy favorites, and either would have a great chance at the Super Bowl


Philadelphia Eagles (Bye)

Green Bay Packers (Bye)

New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks (Might even have an 8-8 record or less)

Atlanta Falcons

New York Giants

This play-off picture could be way off, but it is the way I see it right now. I am prepared to be totally wrong :)

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This makes me smile. Chilly's

This makes me smile.

Chilly's time has been up for a while now.

And yeah dude, you're right about Vick. Absolutely electric.

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The superbowl winner is

The superbowl winner is almost certain to come from the AFC. The vikings should try to get Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb

ps Yay Baltimore!

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Good stuff but the writers

Good stuff but the writers will give the MVP to Peyton Manning watch just becaz of all those injuries and the Colts basically only pass don't run.

Brady definately deserves the MVP.

Also Vick isn't going anywhere I think either he gets a long term deal in Philly or he's franchised for 1 year.

Since the CBA will be different next year rookie contracts won't be so expensive those 1st rounders are even more valuable.

It'll be similar to what the NBA did in the mid 90's to fix crazy rookie deals.

Your playoff seeds seem pretty much rite except the Falcons should be the top seed with a bye.

I think the Ravens will win their division but that can go either way.

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Go packers! BTW Phillip

Go packers! BTW Phillip Rivers deserves the MVP for what he has done with no consistency at the WR position. Vick has missed a few games and Rivers is absolutely lighting the NFL up.

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Still think it is Brady

But yeah, Rivers is his closest comp right now. Rivers has had to overcome a lot, but strangely enough their team has been playing better without the wideouts/Antonio Gates. Weird. Still, did anyone see the Pats being this good without Randy Moss being at least a decoy? I sure didn't, and if they keep it up, Brady gets his 2nd MVP.

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