All the Miami Heat/LebronJames criticizm

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All the Miami Heat/LebronJames criticizm

Let me just end this whole Lebron James Miami Heat debate/hate right now and players saying they would never leave their teams/city with some simple math.
1.) Charles Barkley played with Moses Malone, Maureece Cheeks with the Sixers= 0 Championships, left to win with the Phoenix Suns with Kevin Johnson, Dan Marjele=0 championships, Left to play with 2 hall of famers Pippen/Olajuwon=0 championships Stop Hating!!

2.)Magic Johnson + Kareem( all time leading scorer)+Byron Scott somehow win the #1pick to get James Worthy(hall of famer) and oh by the way you play in L.A so I'm sure it was tough to get Free agents there. I like Magic but Stop Hating!!

3.)Jordan without Pippen = O championships. Played in Chicago, major market not hard to get FA.
4.) Bird + 3 HOF (Parish+Mchale+now D.J) played in Boston
5.)Kobe by himself 2005 No playoffs, 2006 1st round bounce by Pheonix, 2007 1st rd bounce by Pheonix. Played with Shaq in his prime and Lakers got a sweetheart deal for Pau Gasol in 2008

6.)Lebron best player played with to date(Mo williams?) lead the Cavaliers to 66 wins in 08/09 and 60 plus wins last year essentially by himself, lead a team of Wally Szerbiak, Ben Wallace, Joe smith a Booby Gibson to the NBA finals somehow. Beat the Lakers twice last year twice. BTW he played in Cleveland so he needed to beg Free agents, only got a 38 year old Shaq.

U think Lebron+Dwade+Bosh won't destroy the league with 2 cheerleaders. Stop Hating!!!

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Im getting really tired of

Im getting really tired of talking about him now.
These threads pop up every day.

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