For all the Julius Randle/Zach randolph comparisons

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For all the Julius Randle/Zach randolph comparisons

It's actually Dakari Johnson who reminds me of Randolph. With his strong low base in his post setup, the way he lays his weight into people and then barely gets off the ground when he releases the ball, Johnson actually has more Randolph tendencies.

For some reason I love Dakari's rim scraping dunks lol.

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Similar to Randle

Zach had great footwork coming out of Marion and was light years ahead of Dakari current offensive of skill set. Zach could play with back to the basket which Randle isnt as comfortable, but he posses the ability to face up and beat defenders off the dribble...the comparison is as close as any other PF in the NBA. Dakari will never be able to do what Zach can do on the low blocks, or pound the offensive boards like Zach does...Dakari plays the five...Towns beats on Dakari in practice, that kid should stay another year.

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