for all dan gilbert's...

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for all dan gilbert's...

...doodoo, i don't see how you don't take back michael beasley if you're gonna lose lebron. sure it's a poor consolation prize, but if you're really about building a champion in cleveland, don't you start with building blocks? tradeable assets? youth? talent? i'm no fan of the beaz; dude, has more holes in his game than swiss underwear (including a big hole where his heart should be and another where his brain should be) but you put him next to antawn jamison and anderson varajao and you've got a decent frontcourt.

i'll go ahead and be psychic and declare that beasley will have a better career than any of the 5 draft picks cleveland got for lebron. with miami as currently constituted, those will picks will be so deep in the 1st round that they'll actually be early 2nd round draft picks. again, not the best way to run a basketball team.

i think this is ultimately the most telling part of gilbert's rant. a lot of talk, absolutely no action. and how can anyone respect that? as a pistons fan, when grant hill jumped shipped for orlando, i thought it would devastate the franchise. joe dumars' quick thinking netted us two role players as our consolation prize. fortunately, those role players turned out to be chucky atkins and... buhbuhbuhbuhben wallace. four years later we had a title. when barry sanders abruptly retired, i thought it'd ruin the lions. the lions had one more good season up their sleeve before promptly falling off the football planet (i think the lions currently play in the canadian football league. or at least, we should...) the lions had matt millen at the helm and drafted like 8 wide receivers in the 1st round. consecutively. two different ways to handle a similar situation, but only one moral: talk is cheap. living in the past is even cheaper. no one's saying building a champion doesn't take luck (a few ping balls to roll your way, someone giving away an all-star big for a bag of little marshmallows and kwame brown.) but it also takes doing stuff. so cleveland has two choices... pick the pistons path or the lions. the choice, dan gilbert, is yours...

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You Have 2 choices you...

Spit or Swallow ...Get oof his Nuts...He was mad and just lost over 200 million dollars...If you lost 200 Thousand Dollars you'd be stain on the street...You'd put a gun to your head and paint the wall with your brains...Though I see you as more of a Jumper...

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