Alfa Diallo (1992) - 6'11" Center With 7'5" Wingspan

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Alfa Diallo (1992) - 6'11" Center With 7'5" Wingspan

I saw some of Greek player Alfa Diallo at end of the season playing in Greek 2nd Division (the same league where Giannis Adetokoubo plays) and he looks like he can maybe explode as a player in the future, if he gets proper development.

He was playing for Greek club Iraklieo and in the end of the season, he seemed like he started to emerge. He is a very young player in his developmental stage, because the first time he ever played basketball was at age 17. He would be like a NCAA sophomore in this last season.

But I can see now at age 20, just from age 17 to age 20, he was already starting to make an impact at end of Greek 2nd Division season.

Next year is his automatic draft year, and he is one to keep an eye on. I hope some first division club in Greece will sign him for next season, so he can keep developing. Maybe Ikaros might sign him, because he was in their youth clubs before.

Anyway, he is said to be 6'11" with a 7'5" wingspan, and to have a 36" jump, from measurements and testing done when he was age 17. He is 20 now, so these might have changed, as he was said to be "maybe still growing" then.

He shows that he can rebound the ball very well. For someone that has been playing basketball just for 2 and a half years.........he looks promising as a future prospect.

Here were his stats in Greek A2 this season:

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